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40 Under 40 Honoree: Trey James — 36

President & CEO, Xcentric, LLC, Alpharetta, GA

40 Under 40 Honoree: Trey James — 36
President & CEO, Xcentric, LLC, Alpharetta, GA

EDUCATION: BS, Information Technology — Texas Wesleyan
FAMILY: Wife Amelie; Son Marshall (4 months)
HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Flying, hiking, traveling
PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS: Assn. of Accounting Administrators,
Aircraft Owners & Pilots Assn., Experimental Aircraft Assn.

BLOG: Partner Brief (
— IT-related articles, advice, and how-tos designed for IT partners and
technologists within CPA firms.

What’s the one piece of technology that MOST helps you get through
your normal workday?

“My Treo 700w.”

What will be the biggest change over the next five years in the ways
tax and accounting firms operate?

“Network infrastructure hosting services will ease access to CPA-specific
tax, audit, accounting and productivity software, which will continue to greatly
affect our ability to find, hire, train, and retain staff. The Internet made
ubiquitous via cellular broadband will keep us connected with our people and
our clients from anywhere and anytime.”

What Trey’s peers and clients had to say about him:
Trey is leading the profession into the world of ASP hosted applications. The
Gray Matter product that he created inside Xcentric is the only one that I know
of that allows a practice to host all of their applications in one place and
to obtain all the benefits of a hosted solution. Trey has always been ahead
of other consultants to the CPA industry. The fact that he limits his company
to working within our industry also means he knows the software we use and understands
what we need and how we run our businesses.

He has always been the best at what he does. His service, product knowledge
and innovation have always been out front in the industry. If you want to know
what will be coming next for practical solutions for the accounting industry,
just look at what Trey is doing.

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