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40 Under 40 Honoree: Joe Harpaz — 34

VP, Office of the President, Thomson Tax & Accounting, New York, NY

40 Under 40 Honoree: Joe Harpaz — 34
VP, Office of the President, Thomson Tax & Accounting, New York, NY

EDUCATION: BS, Computer & Electrical Engineering —
Carnegie Mellon University
FAMILY: Wife Pamela; Children Maya (3) Zachary (1)
HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Tennis, golf & poker

What’s the one piece of technology that MOST helps you get through your
normal workday?
“Wireless technology. Whether it’s my BlackBerry, cell phone, laptop
air card or my new iPhone, the ability to stay connected professionally with
coworkers and personally with my family is great. It gives the benefit of staying
connected with those whom you’re not in front of and simultaneously frees
you from your desk so that you can get face to face with people more often.”

What will be the biggest change over the next five years in the ways tax and
accounting firms operate?
“There will be increased emphasis on more automation of tasks as a result
of resource shortages, price pressures, firm liability and commoditization of
certain services. As more functions and services get automated, firms will be
forced to differentiate themselves through the level of client service, advisory
services and client involvement that extends beyond just getting a tax return
done on behalf of the client.”

What Joe’s peers had to say about him:
With extensive business and leadership experience — from technology architecture
and development to business development, sales and marketing — Joe is
extremely well-rounded. He is both a jack of all trades and a master of all
trades. He is unique in that he has always had the rare intuition to recognize
the needs within the financial and accounting market and the ability to execute
and implement on those needs.

He currently works closely with the Thomson Tax & Accounting executive
committee to implement key strategies and objectives. He oversees initiatives,
activities and events on behalf of the office of the president and CEO of Thomson
Tax & Accounting, Roy M. Martin, Jr., and provides financial and operational
support and counsel relating to Thomson Tax & Accounting initiatives. In
addition, Joe works closely with our Global Strategy and Business Development
groups to identify key growth opportunities for the organization.

Prior to his current appointment, he served as vice president and general
manager of Immediatech, the corporation he co-founded and that was acquired
by Thomson Tax & Accounting in 2005. Joe was behind the design of the Immediatech
GoFileRoom solution, a premier web-hosted workflow and document management solution
for large CPA firms. Post acquisition, Joe continued to manage the GoFileRoom
group and also oversaw the initial development and rollout of Thomson Tax &
Accounting’s InSource WorkFlow Manager, an automated workflow solution
for corporate tax departments.

In addition, he also co-founded a systems integration business that specialized
in workflow technology solutions for financial services companies, including
banks, brokerage firms and insurance companies. Prior to starting his own business,
Joe worked for Goldman Sachs in New York City where he was involved in the development
and support of firm-wide compliance systems.

Joe is an exceptional manager who builds incredible loyalty from those who
work for him. He is the type of manager who allows his reports to have control
and ownership, while providing them with guidance and vision. He is a true leader
who provides thought leadership and strategic vision. A social and interpersonal
person by nature, Joe is an exceptional public speaker and an enjoyable person
to work with or be managed by.

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