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40 Under 40 Honoree: Donny C. Shimamoto, CPA.CITP — 31

Managing Director, IntrapriseTechKnowlogies LLC, Honolulu, HI

40 Under 40 Honoree: Donny C. Shimamoto, CPA.CITP — 31
Managing Director, IntrapriseTechKnowlogies LLC, Honolulu, HI

EDUCATION: BBA, Accounting & MIS — University of
HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Volleyball, travel, reading, fine
dining (well, mostly the eating part of that), teas and Japanese incense
CPAs, AITP, Rising Phoenix Jaycees

What’s the one piece of technology that MOST helps you get through
your normal workday?

“My Vaio VGN-TXN15P laptop. It’s small enough that I can carry it
everywhere — internal meetings, client’s offices, conferences, on
the airplane, AICPA working group meetings — without killing my shoulder
or carrying extra batteries, but also powerful enough that I can do full-scale
database development work on it. Plus, the built-in EVDO card keeps me connected
anywhere there is Sprint PCS service so I’m never without e-mail, which
is probably the application that I use the most.”

What will be the biggest change over the next five years in the ways
tax and accounting firms operate?

“I think the biggest change will be in work philosophy. Too many firms
are too focused on profit and ‘traditional’ employment practices.
I’m seeing a shift in the workforce where staff at all levels (but particularly
at the senior level) are much more interested in opportunities to learn and
grow as a professional and don’t have as much of a focus on salary so
much as just wanting to be able to live comfortably and maintain a healthy work-personal
life balance. My firm has been implementing programs that have allowed us to
recruit staff from large employers including PwC and IBM with a pay cut. They
come to us because we can give them more flexibility with their work schedule,
keep overtime low, allow them to work remotely, and in some cases even allow
them to go back to school part-time while continuing to work with us on a reduced
work schedule.”

What Donny’s peers had to say about him:

Donny Shimamoto is a valued member of the AICPA’s Information Technology
Executive Committee. He has added a strategic, consultative and younger professional’s
viewpoint to our committee’s strategic planning process, which has proven
invaluable. Donny has jumped into our working group content development efforts
and has provided significant contributions in a relatively short period of time.
We feel very fortunate to have him as a member of our group.

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