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Thomson Tax & Accounting — FileCabinet CS

the August 2007 Review of Document Storage Systems

FileCabinet CS is designed specifically for tax and account-ing firms and delivers
the greatest value when used with the Thomson Tax & Accounting CS suite
of professional products.

Usability — 5 Stars
The design of the FileCabinet CS interface consists of a left pane that displays
a list of client drawers’ filed alphabetically. In the main window pane,
users can view a list of recent document activity, configuration of storage
locations and status of storage space. This design is consistent with the other
CS applications.

Document Organization — 5 Stars
Documents are organized by drawer, with each drawer representing a particular
client. Within the drawer, the organization is by CS applications and custom-defined
folders. The drawer view screen includes a “Drawer Notes” window
where users can post notes that will be date and time stamped. Custom folders
can be set up globally for the entire firm but cannot be customized at the user
level in order to provide a consistent filing organization model. The system
will only show folders that are populated with documents so users don’t
have to look through an extended list of folders that are empty.

Annotation — 5 Stars
Annotations are built-in to FileCabinet CS and can be used on any document.
The available annotation formats include highlights, stamps, redaction and audio

Integration — 5 Stars
As previously noted, the strongest integration is with other CS applications.
In the CS Professional Suite of applications, any time a user prints, he/she
has an option to store an image of the report or document directly into FileCabinet
CS. The initial list of client drawers can be created automatically from either
UltraTax CS or CS Professional Suite Accounting products. Users can view FileCabinet
CS documents directly from within the other CS applications. When printing from
UltraTax CS, the system will index each page separately.

Records Management — 4 Stars
FileCabinet CS provides both access-level and activity-level security controls.
Access can be controlled through either individual access or group-level access
privileges The activity-level controls include granting or restricting the ability
to archive, delete, add, edit or overwrite a document.

Relative Value — 4.5 Stars
FileCabinet CS is a robust document storage solution that offers features that
compete with some of the document management solutions reviewed in this magazine’s
June/July issue (
If your practice’s information system is built on the CS family of products,
then FileCabinet CS offers a compelling advantage as a result of the direct
integration with the CS suite of applications. A bonus feature of FileCabinet
CS is the option to subscribe to the web-hosted solution. Pricing for FileCabinet
CS starts at $1,500 for the first user and $500 for an additional four-user
network pack. Additional four-user packs are priced at $250. The hosted solution
starts at $35 per month.

2007 Overall Rating: 5 Stars