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Intuit — ProSeries DMS & Lacerte DMS

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the August 2007 Review of Document Storage Systems

These two products are essentially the same. One is designed to integrate directly
with the Intuit ProSeries tax software, and the other version integrates with
the Lacerte tax software.

Usability — 4 Stars
The application can be accessed from an icon on the tax software toolbar or
from a desktop icon. The interface is based on displaying a client list on the
left side of the screen to access the related documents. Three tabs are available
from which to choose: Documents & Folders (to access documents organized
in folders), Client Information (which provides access to a collection of client
contact information), and the Issues tab (which displays a list of open issues
or tasks related to the selected client).

Document Organization — 4 Stars
Documents are organized in a series of standard folders for each client. The
standard folders include Correspondence, Permanent Files and TY06 (tax year).
Within the TY06 tax folder, the subfolders include Organizer, Source Documents,
Tax Plan Reports and Tax Returns. This folder structure can be customized for
all clients or for individual clients.

Annotation — 5 Stars
The system allows annotation to be handled with a series of proprietary tools
such as highlighting, drawing, stamps and images. Adobe Acrobat can also be
utilized, but keep in mind that it will require an additional cost and really
isn’t necessary.

Integration — 4 Stars
As previously noted, the system is designed primarily to integrate directly
with the ProSeries and Lacerte tax programs. The client list can be imported
directly from the tax software. Users can print directly from Lacerte or ProSeries
to the document management system. A print driver is included that allows for
printing from any Windows application into the document management system as
a PDF file. When the print driver is activated, the system will prompt the user
for the client and other index values required to store the document. A unique
feature allows users to remove annotations from the document before it is sent
as an e-mail attachment.

Records Management — 4 Stars
Security is established by assigning user-level rights, including database access,
delete, edit documents, edit client and folder list, export documents, edit
or delete the activity logs, and edit the folder templates. The activity log
tracks what activities were performed in the system, by whom and the date of
the activity.

Relative Value — 4 Stars
The Lacerte/ProSeries Document Management Systems are simple and cost-effective
document management solutions that are particularly suited to practitioners
using these tax programs. Pricing for the Lacerte Document Management System
is $600, regardless of the number of users. The annual maintenance fee is $150.
The ProSeries Document Management System is $450, regardless of the number of
users. There is no annual maintenance fee. Toll-free technical support is included
at no additional charge. Web-based training during the first year is also provided
at no charge.

2007 Overall Rating: 4 Stars