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PropertyBoss Solutions, LLC — PropertyBoss 2006

From the January-March 2007 Review
of Property Management Systems

PropertyBoss 2006 is a property management software product geared toward residential
and multi-family management companies, as well as specialty markets, such as
affordable housing, HOAs and condos, and university housing. PropertyBoss can
be deployed as a standalone product, in a client/server network environment,
or as a web-hosted application.

PropertyBoss can use separate databases for each property type. Database types
include apartment, residential (single family homes), association, commercial
and affordable housing. The main navigation screen manages to squeeze a lot
of options onto the page without it becoming confusing or overcrowded. The main
screen displays scheduled transactions for the day (such as number of move-ins
or move-outs), late fees, an occupancy chart, and lists the number of pending
work orders, along with the number of prospects and delinquencies.

A vertical menu to the left of the screen provides access to accounting and
management functions such as entering transactions, deposit batch processing,
prospect processing, and unit and leasing entry and editing. Both the commercial
and residential databases are similar in appearance. Navigating PropertyBoss
is easy, requiring users to simply click on the function they wish to access,
and then click on one of the buttons below to change, update, enter, process
or add transactions. Information can also be e-mailed or exported to an Excel
spreadsheet directly from this screen. Data-entry screens are easily manipulated,
with additional options to the right of the entry fields. Property locations
and units are easily added, with an option to enter directions to the property,
upload pictures, enter owner contact information, and display profit and loss
reports. An area is also provided to enter and monitor work orders.

The new PropertyWebHQ module adds increased functionality to PropertyBoss. PropertyWebHQ
offers users options such as a complete website, along with prospect, owner,
vendor and tenant portals that provide easy access to rental application forms,
resident balances, owner financial statements, and the ability to accept online
rental payments. The base product comes with applicant screening, lease management,
third-party fee management, work order management and seamless integration with
QuickBooks. PropertyBoss also offers numerous add-on modules used for functions
such as meter reading, mass e-mailing, and credit card and check processing.
The PropertyLog module allows for the tracking of all system changes by user,
date and change type. PropertyConvert can quickly transfer prior data from another
software product into PropertyBoss. As an extremely scalable product, PropertyBoss
offers PropertyBooks, which is suited for those managing less than 50 units.
Users can easily upgrade from PropertyBooks to PropertyBoss when the number
of managed units increases. PropertyBoss can also be used in a network environment
or accessed via the web with PropertyBoss hosting the application.

Along with providing seamless integration with QuickBooks, PropertyBoss can
also integrate with various third-party accounting products such as Great Plains,
Solomon and Peachtree. All leasing, unit, tenant and financial information can
be e-mailed from the screen to the owners or investors. System information can
also be easily exported directly to Excel. System letters can be processed and
then exported to Word for further editing. As well, the new PropertyWeb function
allows easy integration with a variety of system functions.

PropertyBoss contains over 100 standard reports that can be customized as needed.
Reports can be accessed by category, such as batch, owner, property/unit or
tenant. The Merlin Report Wizard allows custom reporting in rent roll, owner,
prospect, tenant, vendor and work order fields, taking users step-by-step through
the customization process. Reports can be previewed on-screen, e-mailed directly
to recipients or exported to Excel.

SUPPORT — 5 Stars
The PropertyBoss Annual Subscription Service (PASS) is an ‘all-in-one’
support and maintenance service that includes all maintenance and upgrades for
the current version; 10 support units, including telephone, e-mail or fax support;
and access to the online knowledgebase. Prepaid and per-call telephone support
options are also available. Training modules are included with the purchase
of PropertyBoss, and EinsteinAnswers is available as an online guide and library.

PropertyBoss starts at $799 for up to 100 units; 1,500 units will cost $2,999.
PropertyBooks, for up to 50 units, costs $349. Although PropertyBoss can be
used for both commercial and residential properties, its true strength lies
in residential and specialty management such as universities and military housing.
The long list of add-on modules makes PropertyBoss an attractive option for
residential property managers.

2007 Overall Rating: 5 Stars