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2007 Review of Property Management Systems — Executive Summary

From the January-March 2007 Review
of Property Management Systems

The areas evaluated in this year’s Property Management review include
Interface/Ease of Use, Modules/Scalability, Integration, Reporting, and Support.
These areas are of vital importance when evaluating property management software.
Interface/Ease of Use addresses a primary issue for new users: Is the product
easy to use or will it require extensive training? Modules/Scalability looks
at what is included with the product, what add-ons are available, and whether
the product can grow along with a management company.

Integration may be of less importance to smaller companies, but it remains
a major concern for enterprise-level companies looking for ways to link information
and eliminate duplicate entry. Reporting is an important concern for everyone.
Rent rolls must be accurate, and owners and investors need to receive professionally
presented statements. Support is another important consideration when choosing
software, particularly when transitioning to a new product.

The summary for each product outlines the estimated cost and notes the best
audience for each product. With software in general, and property management
software in particular, it’s important to remember that more is not necessarily
better when choosing a new product. If you’re a small management company,
a complex, high-end product will only saddle you with numerous features that
will likely never be utilized.

Comprehensive websites are available for each of the products reviewed here.
Please take the time to visit them.