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InfoTouch Corporation — Store Manager ES

the Nov. 2006 Review of Point-of-Sale Systems

Since 1986,
InfoTouch Corporation has been providing retail specialty shops with a comprehensive
point-of-sale (POS) software product. InfoTouch released its latest version
of Store Manager ES (Version 2.50) earlier this year.

EASE OF USE — 5 Stars
The main menu of InfoTouch Store Manager contains a series of buttons that provides
access to the register, inventory, customers, employees, utilities, a transaction
manager, a replenishment option, the system setup option, a time clock, and
a backup feature. Clicking on a button will update the screen with the features
found in that module. Users can choose to work in the training mode, which is
excellent for new employees or when first setting up the system. An offline
mode is also available, which allows users to continue processing transactions
even if the central system is not functioning.

The Setup Buttons feature allows users to change the appearance of the touch
screen to fit the particular business need. Items can be entered by scanning
them, touching one of the customized department buttons if set up, or by entering
the product UPC code or item number. Items can also be looked up by department
if desired. All items entered are displayed above, providing a running total
of everything scanned or entered for that transaction. The user interface screens
are brightly colored and easily navigated by just about anyone.

InfoTouch Store Manager comes with the following modules: Point of Sale Register,
Inventory, Customers, Employees, Utility, Transaction Manager, Replenishment,
Setup, Time Clock, and Backup. If a business has multiple locations, the Enterprise
Manager may be a good option. It allows for the consolidation of data from all
locations. This is an excellent customer service tool and can often retain a
sale if product availability can be verified because it allows the business
to simply direct the customer to another location.

The Enterprise Manager also contains a Reports module that uses a Crystal
Reports database engine, an Inventory module for central control of all store
inventory items including promotional sale pricing, a Replenishment module for
ordering inventory from vendors and initiating store-to-store or warehouse-to-store
transfers, a Customer module to maintain a single customer database for a chain,
a Stored Value Cards module to provide chains with a free gift card program,
an Employee module for accurate wage calculation, and a Communications and Technical
Information module that allows for the utilization of various methods of communication
between store locations. An optional hand-held inventory device allows users
to easily receive product and conduct physical inventory.

Store Manager ES allows for the individualization of touch screens as much or
as little as desired. Items can be set up by department or type, and non-inventory
items can be entered when necessary. Users can set up to 15 separate tax categories
and choose up to 10 different tender types. Up to 10 pricing levels per inventory
item can also be entered, with up to 60 registers on one system. Store Manager
ES easily accepts foreign currency, will print invoices or receipts in a variety
of formats, and has up to 10 user-defined fields where any information can be
entered for tracking purposes.

Specialty services such as quotes, layaways, and special orders can be done
from the register while ringing up a regular sale. The Transaction module lets
users create gift certificates, run various reports, set up a GL interface with
third-party accounting software products, and manage cash drawers. Unlimited
inventory items can be entered, and quantities can be adjusted after a physical
inventory is performed. The Employee module maintains employee records, processes
new hires and terminations, and can process commissions. The Time Clock function
allows employees to use the touch screen functionality to punch in and out,
with all data automatically transferred to the employee module for paycheck

Of special note is the fact that Store Manager ES has been certified by Visa
to be in compliance with the highest credit card security standards (known as
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard — PCI-DSS) and is certified
as PCI-compliant.

InfoTouch easily integrates with various receipt printers and invoice printers,
barcode scanners, magnetic stripe readers, customer displays, cash drawers and
touch monitors. The Touch Data Link can be used to import or export data using
various file formats. Store Manager ES also provides a GL log file that can
be used to link Store Manager with Peachtree and QuickBooks accounting software.

Numerous reporting options are available in Store Manager. Transaction reports
include register shift and register detail reports, sales by tender, and average
unit sales reports. Other reports available include extensive inventory reporting
options such as item lists, description and price levels, along with location
and value reports. Customer spending habits can be tracked with the monthly
sales reports or a full sales history report. Users can also keep track of any
bad checks that have been written, and they can solicit new and current customers
with e-mail sales. Customers can be ranked, as well. Popular sellers, gift certificate
purchases and redemptions, and any special orders and layaways can also be tracked.

InfoTouch Store Manager ES starts at $1,495 for a one-register system. Additional
register licenses for two to nine terminals are an additional $1,495. Add-on
modules are extra. This program offers a colorful user interface, customization
capability and the ability to function in both low- and high-volume retail stores

2006 Overall Rating: 5 Stars