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ImagineTime, Inc. — ImagineTime

the Nov. 2006 Review of Time & Billing Systems

specifically for accountants by accountants, ImagineTime provides an integrated
time-based billing system with practice management functions that support multiple
billing methods; project-based time tracking and management; due-date monitoring;
and a variety of budgeting, forecasting and analysis capabilities. The core
time and billing system, which offers multiple data-entry options, starts at
$295 for a single-user license. The company also offers various modules including
more advanced contact management, staff scheduling/calendaring, remote data
entry, due-date monitoring, PDA integration, and a calendar/contact management

Ease of Use/Navigation Features — 4.5 Stars
ImagineTime opens to a text-based menu screen that provides quick access to
each of the primary sections of the system, with directories for Data Entry
tasks, daily/monthly Reporting, Utilities and Management Reports. When working
within specific task windows, ImagineTime offers users four viewing options,
including one with a customizable sidebar menu on the left that allows access
to most frequently accessed tasks. Alternately, an icon-based menu at the top
of the screen can be employed. The primary work area is beautiful, offering
tabbed access to sub-tasks within a function (such as moving between expenses,
chargeable items and other options within the time and expense entry screen).
The system’s client list is well organized with search capabilities, and
client data screens provide a good summary of data, including billed and outstanding
amounts, WIPs, allowances for unbilled WIPs, along with invoicing defaults and
staff assigned to the client.

The program allows data entry to be performed through timesheets after-the-fact,
directly from the calendar, with a PDA or utilizing the system’s timer
functions, which automatically complete some of the data entry. Timesheets and
other data-entry screens are very intuitive, making it easy to understand the
process of selecting clients, projects, tasks, billable items and other options,
and automatically assigning staff rates according to default settings created
by management. Only authorized users can access managerial reporting and rate
information, which helps ensure system security.

“Imagine Time has been a great software change for our business,”
says Barb Gacic, office manager for Sager, Haines & Co. LLP (,
a full-service accounting firm in St. Charles, Ill. “The program is user
friendly with a minimal learning curve and offers ease in inputting time as
well as researching various information as needed for both employee and client
time and billing. The reports generated are also easy to access and provide
information in a concise, easy to access format.”

Management Functions — 5 Stars
The program allows multiple rates per staff member, as well as client-specific
billing rates and rules. In addition to supporting any number of clients, staff,
tasks and expense items, the program can be used to manage more than one professional
firm. The system maintains full histories of client billing and staff time performance
data, along with the ability to easily access past invoices. ImagineTime includes
strong analysis functions including staff and client performance reports, as
well as very impressive integrated calendaring and due-date monitoring, which
can be essential in keeping up with period tasks or client goals. The calendaring/contact
management system provides side-by-side views of staff calendars, with the ability
to convert calendar activities into timesheets. ImagineTime also offers a Tax
Ticker system that can keep tax-oriented professionals on top of pending deadlines.
Recent additions to the system include enhanced engagement budgeting and reporting
and an e-mail “blaster” function for the contact management system.
As well, a new final bill procedure allows a series of progress bills to be
cleared against time with the engagement time history and profitability summarized
on the final bill.

Billing & Reporting — 5 Stars
ImagineTime’s managerial reports are outstanding, providing excellent
insight into data, which in turn can help monitor productivity at the client,
staff or project level, as well as numerous other capabilities. The system includes
an impressive array of customizable reports, and authorized users can run reports
for any time period, regardless of closing periods. The program’s invoicing
functions provide good options for billing formats, including detail, comprehensive,
narrative and summary, which lets users select the format they or their clients
desire. Word processing functions are handled through MS Word, while reports
can be edited in MS Access or Excel, depending upon the report.

Integration — 4.5 Stars
The system integrates with QuickBooks for transferring GL, AR and AP data. It
utilizes Word, Access and Excel for various reporting functions, which allows
users to easily save documents in these formats as well as the ability to format
or customize invoices, including the addition of logos, letterhead or other
visual elements. ImagineTime’s contact management and calendaring system
integrates with Outlook, as do the reminders and e-mail functions. The company
offers a PDA interface application for remote data entry.

User Support & Help — 4.5 Stars
ImagineTime’s Help system is fairly traditional, with an index-based system
and some content-specific assistance, in addition to newly added interactive
tutorials that are now built into the system’s main menu. An online Help
center offers do-it-yourself guidance with such features as FAQs, system updates
and tutorials.

2006 Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars