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40 Under 40 Honoree: Scott Ogle – 31

Chief Operating Officer, Sageworks, Inc. – the maker of ProfitCents, Raleigh, NC

Education – BA Economics, Univ. North Carolina Chapel
Family – Wife Jenni; Chace 4.
Hobbies & Interests – Writing music, drums, piano,
UNC Basketball.

What peers, clients and friends say about Scott:
Scott is a tremendous professional who exemplifies above-and-beyond dedication
to customers. He also has a true passion for helping others, which shines through
his actions on a daily basis, ranging from helping ProfitCents subscribers to
maximize the benefit obtained to providing detailed, in-depth information and
resources to accounting firms that are considering using ProfitCents as a resource
to improve their practice. All accountants and people who have had the opportunity
to meet Scott will agree on one point — Scott truly cares about and enjoys
helping others.

What technology or business process does Scott see affecting the tax
and accounting profession in the next five years?

“Accounting firms will not only prepare financials, but, as an automatic
practice, will analyze and help their clients interpret those numbers. Through
this aspect of their service, accounting firms will immensely change their clients’
perception of them.”

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