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40 Under 40 Honoree: Dave Wyle, CPA.CITP – 34

President & CEO, SurePrep LLC, Newport Beach, CA

Education – BA Economics, UC Santa Barbara
Family – Wife Carmen; son David Henry 1.
Hobbies & Interests – Skiing, golf, basketball, travel,
Professional Affiliations – AICPA

What peers, clients and friends say about Dave:
Dave is described as hard working, driven, dependable, fun loving, generous
and fair, and his work ethic clearly demonstrates this. Prior to founding SurePrep,
Dave was the CEO and founder of ePace! Software, a leading provider of paperless
engagement solutions to the public accounting industry. He founded ePace! after
being a CPA with the accounting firm Coopers & Lybrand where he partook
in the implementation of a new, internally developed application that enabled
the firm to perform paperless engagements.

What technology or business process does Dave see affecting the tax
and accounting profession in the next five years?

“The move towards paperless engagement applications is creating more and
more opportunities to increase productivity by automating tasks and streamlining
workflow. In the next five years, I expect to see accounting firms mostly free
from the workflow constraints imposed by paper-based processes. This will enable
them to work efficiently with employees, clients and contractors in remote locations.
Both hard (financial) and soft (quality of life) benefits will result. Accounting
firms will be able to recruit professionals from a broader (perhaps limitless)
geographical base while employees will enjoy the convenience of working from
home (e.g., eliminating commuting hours). To achieve this, we will see existing
applications (e.g., tax software) become web-based while new workflow applications
are introduced that plug these existing applications into an overall electronic

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