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CompuPay, Inc. (formerly PayMaxx) — PowerPayroll

the August 2006 Review of Service Bureau Style Payroll Systems

PowerPayroll is a comprehensive, scalable online payroll system from CompuPay
that supports payroll and tax compliance across all 50 states. PowerPayroll
is designed for use by small and midsize businesses. Specifically, it is directed
to companies with fewer than 150 employees or the large company with multiple
small work sites. PowerPayroll is also offered to accountants who can co-brand
payroll to their clients.

As an online payroll system, PowerPayroll can be accessed anywhere there is
an Internet connection, whether by the accountant or the business. The program
is user friendly and easily adapts to the end user’s environment. Payroll
and related reports can be processed by CompuPay on a traditional “print
and delivery” basis or the user can opt to print checks and reports at
their own location.

PowerPayroll is accessed via the standard web browser. Users are greeted by
an easy-to-understand interface — a main menu screen that delivers easy-to-follow
sub-menus, including Payday, Employees, Customer Corner, Reports, General Ledger,
PayView and Employee Self Service. The program delivers complex solutions, yet
its routines are readily understandable. Mouse-driven clickable menus greet
the user everywhere they go.

PowerPayroll supports several methods of payroll data entry: data import from
time clock programs, standard data entry on an employee-by-employee basis, express
entry (applicable to situations where there is little to no change in underlying
data on a paycheck-to-paycheck basis, i.e. payment of consistent salary amounts),
and a custom entry that can be tailored to specific client needs. After viewing
and drilling down into each data-entry method, the user can quickly gain the
required “program confidence” to employ these powerful data-entry

PowerPayroll supports an unlimited number of clients, an unlimited number of
users and an unlimited number of departments. It provides powerful administrative-controllable
security access, whereby individualized security settings (program rights) can
be delivered on a user-by-user basis. Program use can be limited to specific
areas, such as data entry for a department or geographic office but with no
access to other data-sensitive areas. Payroll data needs to be entered two days
prior to an expected payday. PowerPayroll includes a payroll reminder system
that delivers reminder e-mails regarding tasks that will need to be completed.

PowerPayroll includes a secure Employee Self-Service module called PayView
ESS, which allows employees to login online to edit their applicable personal
information and to view historical data. The PayView module provides check stub
details, summary Y-T-D information, and previously issued W-2s for employees.
Customer Corner gives access to tax forms and provides handy “what-if”
tax calculators for gross-to-net pay, net-to-gross pay and W-4 withholding tax-net
pay scenarios.

PowerPayroll provides eight reports: payroll summary, payroll check register,
labor and taxable wages, EFT, deductions, earnings, accruals and a pre-transmission
report. Reports can be saved in *.PDF, Word or in *.RTF formats, and can be
accessed for use with Crystal Reports for more extensive reporting. PowerPayroll
includes a report writer that can help customize reporting, including the addition
of digital signatures, logos or other customizations. Payroll checks, stubs
and reports can be delivered by traditional service bureau means or users may
opt to print checks locally, if needed. Reporting capabilities could be strengthened.
Through its optional compliance service, PowerPayroll provides comprehensive
tax filings for all 50 States.

PowerPayroll includes General Ledger links to QuickBooks and Intacct. PowerPayroll
can export data via *.CSV and ASCII files.

PowerPayroll includes free online training and unlimited technical support.
Program updates are supplied seamlessly to the online program.

The strengths of PowerPayroll rest in the simplicity of its interface and the
ease of program use. PowerPayroll is easy to access, can be learned easily,
allows for easy client setup and delivers easy data entry. The web-based nature
of PowerPayroll delivers a powerful outsourced payroll product, one that can
be immediately harnessed to provide powerful payroll services. For CPA clients,
CompuPay offers “Innovation Pricing” that bundles key services into
one low price. Tax filing services, new hire reporting, direct deposit and other
services are all included in that price. A client with a payroll of 10 employees
paid biweekly would typically pay $50 per payroll or $1,300 per year.

2006 Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars