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RJS Software Systems — WebDocs CPA

From the April/May 2006 Review of
Document Management Systems

RJS Software Systems started out as an IBM Business Partner providing AS400
consulting and solutions. The company’s original foray into document management
evolved around “cold” archival systems that automate the tracking
of stored paper-based documents. In 1999, WebDocs was created as a web-hosted
document management solution.

Devon Clark of Mize, Houser & Company (
said there were three main factors that drove his firm to select WebDocs CPA:
“The client is browser-based, it’s reasonably priced, and RJS is
experienced and responsive.” Clark says they wanted the information to
be easily accessible in a secure manner, and the easiest way to administer this
type of solution is for the client to be browser-based. “We believe that
the future opportunities to leverage our document management needs are immense
and unpredictable,” he says. “So we wanted a vendor that we could
have a working relationship with to meet our current challenges as well as opportunities
we identify in the future.”

His firm has realized many benefits from the program, and he summarizes those
benefits with one word — leverage. “We are able to leverage the
information accumulated in our files to improve our firm’s service, profitability,
disaster risk, security and employee convenience,” he says. Clark advises
firms to get started now. “We were able to identify enough ROI to justify
a document management system,” he says. “Now that it is in place,
our partners are able to identify even more areas and opportunities where it
will benefit our firm.”

Installation & Configuration — 5 Stars
Due to the fact that WebDocs CPA is a web-hosted solution, it gets the highest
rating in this category. The only local technology deployment required is the
capturing of scanned documents. The vendor provides on-site implementation planning,
training and support that typically ranges from two to five days. The product
can also be installed as a server-based option for firms who prefer internal
control of their data.

User Interface — 4 Stars
The primary interface is a traditional folder setup. You can pre-establish a
folder setup configuration that can be applied to a client based on the type
of services provided. A built-in image viewer lets you view, e-mail, fax and
annotate document images. A redaction tool allows you to make either permanent
or temporary redactions of specific parts of a document. Document versions are
tracked automatically. A unique scanning feature allows you to identify pre-determined
sections of a document that will be read as metadata to index the document,
such as the invoice number on an AP invoice. A barcode separator page feature
allows you to separate the document indexing function from the scanning function.

Integration — 4 Stars
The system is designed to allow integration to be established with various accounting
practice management, tax and other software applications. ScanSoft is the tool
that is used for the bar coding and OCR processing of documents. A “Save
To WebDocs” print driver allows you to print reports and other documents
directly to WebDocs. The system includes a built-in document portal.

Training & Support — 4 Stars
RJS provides an implementation, planning and training service that is typically
a three-day engagement priced at $1,500 per day.

Workflow & Document Tracking — 5 Stars
The vendor offers a separate module focused on workflow automation called Enterprise
Workflow. This application features the ability to diagram a workflow and assign
users and identify tasks to be completed. The application allows you to route
documents from person to person based on pre-assignments. Once the assigned
tasks are completed, documents are forwarded to the next user.

Security — 4 Stars
Due to the fact that WebDocs is a web-hosted application, much of the security
is handled at the data center, including maintaining a redundant copy of your
data. The system utilizes the typical user-level security and the ability to
secure access to documents based upon specific index values, such as tax returns
versus personal financial plans.

Pricing — 4 Stars
The system is priced based on the number of users. A typical configuration is
$700 per month for 10 users and 10GB of storage. This fee includes the software
licensing, IT infrastructure, network administration and support.

Relative Value — 4 Stars
The hosted model is a compelling alternative for firms of all sizes, but particularly
for firms that have limited IT personnel resources. If you want to take your
workflows to a true paperless model, the Enterprise Workflow module is a powerful
tool. The primary market for WebDocs CPA has been firms from 10 employees and
up. However, they are trying to make inroads into the small firm market by offering
specialized pricing. Contact the vendor for detailed pricing information.

2006 Overall Rating — 4.5 Stars