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Maxwell Systems, Inc. — Maxwell Management Suite

From the April/May 2006 Review of
Construction Accounting Software

Maxwell Management Suite – Version 6.2 is the latest release of the product
from Maxwell Systems, Inc. Designed for larger companies in the construction
industry, Maxwell Management Suite also provides an excellent solution to industries
such as heavy highway, electrical, HVAC/mechanical, and both general and subcontractors.

The main screen of Maxwell Management Suite defaults to an Explorer-style menu.
Clicking on the module expands the menu and displays the included functions
to the right. Data-entry screens are easily navigated, with lookup options available
for relevant fields. Because it is ODBC compliant, data can be easily imported
and exported between a variety of applications. Entry screens are easily navigated,
making for smooth data entry. The Help function is detailed and provides module-by-module
assistance for all features of the system. Maxwell provides excellent installation

Modules included with Maxwell Management Suite include AP, AR, GL, Job Cost,
Payroll, the new Buyout module, Subcontract Control, Purchase Orders, Inventory,
Equipment Cost, Order Processing, Lien Tracking, Service Management, Material
Handling, DataLINK Plus, Pricing Service LINK, EstiLINK, TakeNote, System Parameters,
Sales/Use Tax, and WorkFlow.

New in version 6.2 of Maxwell Management Suite is the Portfolio feature, which
is available in the Business Center and the TakeNote menu, where it can (along
with all of TakeNote) be accessed by a right-click in any of our entries. The
Portfolio allows you to view related data for each record. For instance, you
can view purchase orders, project management documents, lien tracking information,
and any *.PDF files and scanned images attached to that particular file. As
well, the new Buyout module makes handling new jobs a little easier by automating
the generation of purchase orders, subcontracts and material requisitions.

The system user determines the level of detail provided. You can choose to
have job calculations performed by the system based on the information you have
previously entered or you can utilize the new WIP (Work-In-Progress) Entry option
to provide more detailed reports. Detailed reports can also be run on their
own. Job Billing can be completed in the AR module or entered directly in the
Job Cost module. Billings can also be posted to closed jobs if necessary.

Equipment Cost tracks everything from mileage and fuel costs to maintenance
history for your equipment. Service Management lets you schedule work orders,
provide service tickets, dispatch service personnel, and track work order status.
The Business Center, accessible from the Tools option on the drop-down menu,
provides access to a series of documents about your business, including current
activity summaries for your modules and detailed reports for AP, AR, GL, Job
Cost, Subcontract, Payroll and Equipment Cost. Also available is an Alerts section,
where users can create an unlimited number of alerts, such as when AP totals
are over a pre-determined amount for a vendor or if invoices are over 90 days
old. The Document Management module lets you cut down on paper work by scanning
related documents and attaching them to data files for easy retrieval.

Maxwell Management Suite allows you flexibility on choosing the modules you
need for your business. All modules are integrated for a complete business management
solution, and many also function independently. The import and export features
of Maxwell are some of the best I have seen. They have made it easy to import
and export data by including modules such as DataLINK that allows easy import
of data from third-party software programs into Maxwell Management Suite. Using
the DataLINK export function, you can retrieve data from the system to export
to applications such as Word and Excel. Payroll information can also be imported
using DataLINK. The Pricing Service LINK lets you import inventory pricing from
pricing services. And EstiLINK lets you import data from third-party estimating

Support is available by e-mail, phone or fax during regular business hours.
Users also have access to the Customer Care site, which includes a knowledgebase.
Maxwell offers training in a traditional classroom environment, on-site or over
the Internet. Maxwell can also provide experienced personnel in assisting you
with converting data from an old system.

Extensive reporting options exist in all Maxwell Management Suite modules. You
can choose a variety of printing options including printing to the screen, to
your printer or creating a *.PDF or *.JPG file, and exporting the report to
a variety of different file types. ODBC compliance also means you can use a
third-party report writer to create an unlimited number of custom reports.

Maxwell Management Suite costs $7,000 and up, increasing as functionality is
added, as cost is determined by configuration. Maxwell Management Suite provides
power, flexibility and a wide array of modules that would prove to be suitable
for most any type of large construction related business.

2006 Overall Rating — 5 Stars