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Doculex, Inc. — Doculex Goby Capture

From the April/May 2006 Review of
Document Management Systems

Doculex Goby Capture (Doculex) is truly a solution targeted towards a horizontal
marketplace. The vendor’s website identifies 13 separate industries that
it targets, ranging from accounting to defense. This broad market approach requires
a solution that is deep in features and functions that can be adapted to different
situations. Doculex is appropriately classified as an enterprise-level system
and is not accountant-centric, per our standard.

Installation & Configuration — 4 Stars
The system is designed to be installed in a typical SQL server environment.
A hosted option is not available at this time.

User Interface — 5 Stars
The interface is made up of two primary components: Profiler and Monitor. Profiler
is the end-user tool for assigning the metadata (indexing values, etc.). The
Monitor application resides on the file server and will automatically monitor
and process documents for storage that have coversheets (electronic) attached
to them. The interface is very visual and flexible. You can define the columns
of information you want displayed as a result of your search commands and point-and-click
to arrange the sequence of both the columns and rows. You have three options
for displaying documents: text format (including index values), native viewer
application (view only) and the native application (full edit capability). The
searching capabilities are very strong.

Integration — 4 Stars
All of your document index values can be imported with the use of *.CSV files,
thereby allowing you to develop integration with many different third-party
programs. Direct integration with MS Word and Excel is provided to index and
file documents directly into Doculex. As noted earlier, this is not an accountant-centric
application, and there is no direct integration with tax and accounting software

Training & Support — 4 Stars
Doculex provides consultation in regards to deployment planning as well implementation
assistance. On-site and web-based training options are available. The technical
support service organization is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily.

Workflow & Document Tracking — 4 Stars
The features available to tag data to documents is one of the strongest features
of this system. This capability can be very beneficial in establishing your
paperless workflows for any application, from tax, assurance, administration,
etc. For example, you can create customized “bubble sheets,” such
as a tax engagement routing sheet, and populate it with virtually any type of
document index tag. This sheet can be filled in as the document is routed through
your office. This includes the ability to manually write in the entries, and
they will be interpreted by the software as part of the scanning process. An
additional workflow feature is the ability to organize documents by what needs
to be done with each document (i.e., gather client data, assemble, e-file, etc.).

Security — 4 Stars
The system maintains a detailed activity log for each document/file that tracks
the action, user and date. Permissions are established at the group level, including
controlling what documents can be viewed and what actions can be taken.

Pricing — 4 Stars
The base license fee starts at $3,995 with an additional fee of $1,000 for each
pack of five-user licenses for accessing the system through the web search feature.
Annual maintenance is 20 percent of the license fee.

Relative Value — 4 Stars
Doculex is a viable solution for firms looking to deploy an enterprise-level
solution. What it lacks in terms of accountant-centricity it makes up for in
terms of the overall depth and scope of features and functions.

2006 Overall Rating — 4 Stars