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Contractor Software Corp. — Contractor V Plus

From the April/May 2006 Review of
Construction Accounting Software

Contractor V Plus from Contractor Software Corporation (CSC) has been supplying
the construction industry with valuable software since 1978. Designed for contractors,
construction companies, homebuilders and developers, Contractor V Plus is best
suited for small to midsize companies. Kathy Wright of D.T. Wright, Inc., a
26-employee general engineering firm from Temecula, Calif., recognizes Contractor
V Plus as a very user-friendly complete package for running her business.

“The payroll reporting I do is with confidence, knowing the program does
everything for me from calculating garnishments to taxes with 100 percent accuracy.”
Ms. Wright says the main factors influencing their decision to select Contractor
V Plus included the ease of abstracting information needed for payroll, accounts
payable and accounts receivable as well as the monthly and year-end reporting

Recently upgraded to Clarion 6, Contractor V Plus can be easily installed. For
security purposes, all new users will need to call the corporate office to obtain
an activation code.

A sample company is installed with the software, which allows new users to become
comfortable with the system prior to entering live data. Contractor V Plus is
available in three sizes: a singer-user version, a network version and a client/server
version. The main screen features a drop-down menu that provides access to all
installed modules. A vertical bar to the left of the screen provides one-click
access to frequently used functions. Data-entry screens are logically arranged,
and are easily navigated, even by those unfamiliar with the system. Contractor
V Plus uses a Pervasive Workgroup or Pervasive Client/Server engine, depending
on the version purchased. The System Tailoring feature provides you with excellent
customization capability in each module, and the data review option lets you
review or edit data-entry information prior to posting, which ensures higher
levels of accuracy even among new users.

Contractor V Plus is a modular system and includes GL, AP, AR, Job Cost, Cash
Management, Subcontract Management, Payroll, Estimating, Service Receivables,
and a Custom Report Writer. Add-on modules available include Purchase Orders,
Equipment Costing and Electronic Data Import. Software enhancements found in
version 4.2 include the ability to e-mail invoices and statements to vendors,
the addition of the Auto Job Billing feature, and an expanded insurance and
contractor license tracking system, which will now track licensing in all 50
states. The Job Cost module allows you to track your costs in a number of ways,
including job, number, date or supervisor. The overview screen provides a good
financial summary for all of your companies, including current bank balances,
AP and AR balances, the dollar amount of all unbilled jobs currently recorded
in your system, and the total of your current contracts. You can also track
change orders, including pending, internal and rejected.

The Payroll module has also had several updates, including the ability to
password protect executive payroll records, mask social security numbers on
paychecks and payroll reports, and the capability to calculate local taxes in
addition to state and federal taxes. Multiple accounting periods can be open
simultaneously, and you can easily track contractor insurance requirements and
licensing expirations. As well, the Payroll module easily handles multi-state
payroll processing.

Contractor V Plus is a fully integrated system with all modules and add-on modules
designed to work in tandem. Contractor V Plus now also integrates with Aligo/H2
Service Works, which provides service management and work order billing. Contractor
V Plus will also integrate with third-party estimating software. The Electronic
Data Import module (add-on) directly imports payroll data into the system for
quicker check processing.

Ms. Wright has found the vendor’s technical support to be very friendly
and helpful, noting that “if they do not have the answer, they will research
it for you.” She advises new users not to hesitate to contact the support
team on any questions. Toll-free technical support is available Monday through
Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Support personnel can also
be reached by e-mail and fax. For more difficult problems, the technical support
staff will dial into your system to facilitate diagnosis. Various training and
consulting options are offered by CSC, as are monthly seminars for contractors.

Contractor V Plus offers a good variety of canned reports, but users can also
use Crystal Reports for expanded reporting. Reports available include various
field reports, WIP reports, job cost analysis reports, subcontractor reports,
and insurance expiration reports. Various filtering options are provided in
the reporting module for customizing system reports. Once you choose filters,
you can save them in the system so they won’t need to be re-entered. Payroll
reports available include multi-state payroll totals by employee, total or cost

Small to midsize construction companies will find Contractor V Plus to be user
friendly and affordably priced at $3,800 for a single-user system ($5,000 for
a three-user system). This price includes your first year of support, all software
updates and 15 hours of training. For a company looking to get up and running
quickly, Contractor V Plus is an excellent choice.

2006 Overall Rating — 4.5 Stars