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Multiview — Asset Management System

From the December 2005 Review Fixed
Asset Management Software

Multiview offers a comprehensive accounting system that, in addition to the
Asset Management System, includes GL, AP, AR, purchasing, order processing,
invoicing, inventory, workflow and financial and analytic reporting. The asset
system, which can be used as a part of the accounting suite or individually,
supports multiple books and depreciation strategies, allows a variety of disposal
methods, and maintains a full-time audit trail. Capable of handling any number
of assets, the system is geared for larger businesses, with pricing at $2,500
per user.

Program setup is somewhat detailed, requiring some knowledge of database administration
and client/server relationships, but the installation guide should be adequate
for most situations. On the other hand, setting up individual companies and
adding assets is fairly simple, with wizards and other assistive devices. The
program’s interface is very well-designed, offering traditional pull-down
menus and an icon toolbar across the top of the screen, with the primary work
space opening into a spreadsheet list of a company’s assets after selecting
the asset icon from the toolbar. The asset list can be filtered or sorted in
a variety of ways, and is also searchable. Users can access specific asset records
either by double-clicking the asset entry or by using one of the many tabs,
which allows moving to screens for Detail, Location, Pending Actions, Change
History (audit trail), Transactions, User Fields, Attributes, Supplemental Books
and 1031 Exchange information.

Data-entry fields include smart selection lists for common entries such as
codes, account numbers and depreciation methods, with calculations performed
immediately upon data entry. Asset acquisition can also be performed via an
import utility. The system has significant customization functions, including
the ability to create an unlimited number of custom data fields and selection
of displayed fields. Overall, data entry is comfortable and productive.

Multiview’s Asset Management System can support an unlimited amount of
assets, companies and divisions, but more impressive is that it supports an
unlimited number of depreciation books, including standard books for financial,
regular tax, AMT, ACE, E&P and state. Up to seven of these books can be
viewed simultaneously on the same screen. It also supports most traditional
calculations such as straight-line, ACRS, MACRS, ADR, SYD, declining balance,
as well as user-defined calculations. Daily, half-year, mid-quarter and mid-month
conventions are supported, along with short year, independent fiscal years,
52 to 53 week years, 13 month, and unequal accounting periods.

The system can perform mass disposals, transfers and acquisitions, and make
partial transfers, like-kind exchanges and virtually any other event throughout
the life of an asset. Assets can be grouped by several methods, and the system
can be used to track zero and negative basis assets, as well as miscellaneous
information such as warranties, maintenance schedules, leases, insurance or
other information. Depreciation projections can be performed out to 40 years.
Security features can restrict users based on task or client, and an audit trail
logs all changes made to asset information. The system can be utilized with
barcode systems.

All components of the Multiview accounting system utilize the same database,
so data sharing is thorough, including automatic posting to the GL, automatic
creation of assets from purchases, etc. The program can be integrated with tax
programs and can export data in various formats including spreadsheets. Users
with advanced database mapping experience can benefit from the system’s
open relational database, which can share data with many other financial and
analysis programs, but some skill is required to map the system.

Multiview’s reporting functions include more than 150 pre-built reports
(built with Crystal Reports) for financial reporting, including asset summaries,
depreciation, projections, reconciliation, cost and basis, expense reports,
acquisitions and dispositions. Additionally, the system includes worksheets
and forms for 4562, 4626, 4684, 4797 and 8824. Compliant reporting for FASB
109, 142 and 144 is also supported.

HELP/SUPPORT – 4.5 Stars
The system’s well-built Help utility offers content-specific guidance
and reference materials, as well as tutorials. Online support options are limited
but include a support submission form. An 800-number allows you to talk directly
to a qualified support representative, and the company offers several training
options, as well as implementation services and consulting.

Multiview is a high-end system that can be scaled to meet a company of virtually
limitless size. It is functionally strong and, with support for an unlimited
number of books, can manage very complex asset bases. Security and customizability
further complement the system, which is best-suited to large entities.

2005 Overall Rating – 4.5 Stars