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Synchronics, Inc. — CounterPoint SQL

From the November 2005 Review of Point-of-Sale

Synchronics Inc. has been supplying the retail and wholesale business sector
with quality software solutions for over 25 years. The vendor’s CounterPoint
SQL is a retail management solution designed for both the single storeowner
and the larger store with multiple locations.

EASE OF USE — 5 Stars
CounterPoint SQL’s main menu contains a series of buttons that will take
you to any of the program functions. The top row of buttons contains navigation
functions such as Exit, Home, Main Menu, Back and Help. The main menu area contains
one-touch access to the POS area as well as to the Inventory, Customers, Purchasing,
Sales History, Ecommerce, System and Setup functions. The ticket entry screen
in CounterPoint SQL is easily navigated, with the customer number entered at
the top of the screen. Item information can be scanned in using barcode scanners,
or it can be entered manually. The product also offers a terrific lookup option
that lets you zoom in on a particular item and access detailed inventory information
about that item, including recent sales, open POS, and a monthly history. You
can choose the type of transaction you wish to process: Sale, Return or More.
The More option can be used for backorders or layaway. If you prefer, you can
use the touch-screen ticket entry screen. The user interface can be easily customized,
allowing you to set up categories and frequently sold items for one-touch processing.

The following modules are included with CounterPoint SQL: POS, Inventory Control,
Customer Tracking, Purchasing, Sales History, Ecommerce, Order Processing, Credit
Cards, Accounting, Labels, Receivables and Reporting Tools. The company also
offers an Advanced Pricing add-on, which allows you to assign various pricing
levels based on product, location or even sizing. The Receivables option adds
cash receipts, account aging and charge sales capability to the customer function.
The Credit Card option lets you pick from Synchronics’ list of preferred
credit card processors. The Multi-Site Hub assists in tracking remote locations.
The Serial Numbers module tracks big-ticket items like appliances and electronics
by tracking receiving, cost and sales information.

CounterPoint SQL is available in two versions: Express (a three-user maximum
edition for a single-store locations) and Enterprise (for multiple locations
and for those who want more flexibility and customization features).

The latest version of CounterPoint SQL includes new Perfect Keyboard functionality,
which enables users to program single keys or key combinations on a per-screen
basis, eliminating unnecessary keystrokes. The Quick Setup feature gets the
system ready to go, using only one user interface. A direct accounting interface
is included for several popular accounting software products, and the cash drawers
are now connected to Windows printers. Users can choose between regular or touch-screen
transaction entry, review ticket history, and process multiple currency types.
Excellent customization capability means that user interface screens can be
set up to reflect the information and items that are deemed important. Images
can be attached to inventory items or even to customer data. The optional password
protection feature limits register access to those authorized to use the system.
CounterPoint SQL has built-in check authorization, debit and credit card processing,
and even EBT food stamp processing.

CounterPoint SQL offers complete integration with a variety of hardware peripherals
such as receipt and invoice printers, electronic register drawers, signature
capture and check readers, weight scales, PIN pads, and barcode readers and
scanners. As noted above, a direct accounting interface is now included for
Microsoft Great Plains V-8.0, BusinessWorks Gold V-5, MAS 90 and MAS 200 V-4,
QuickBooks 2005, and Peachtree 2005.

CounterPoint SQL designs all of its standard reports using the Crystal Reports
engine, and all reports can be customized to fit your needs. Daily POS reports
include daily cash drawer reports, exception reports, payment overages and shortages,
merchandise returns, cash register voids, and a ticket history.

A detailed customer history report is available to help monitor and track
customer preferences or an item history report can be run in order to see buying
trends. Numerous forms are also available, including receipts, pick tickets
and invoices. The Merchandise Analysis tool provides detailed information on
inventory performance, including sales dollars, profitability and turn rate.
You can also evaluate sales against returns on any item in inventory.

CounterPoint SQL is an excellent product for retail stores. The attractive,
fully customizable user interface provides one-touch processing, and easy navigation
means little training time is needed. A single location, single-user system
starts at $995 for the Express version or $2,000 for the Enterprise version.
Additional modules, users or locations will increase the price accordingly.

2005 Overall Rating: 5 Stars