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CAP Automation — Retail Manager

From the November 2005 Review of Point-of-Sale

CAP Automation has been providing software to the retail industry since 1978,
and continues that tradition with the latest version of CAP Retail Manager.
Designed for both front- and back-office operation, CAP Retail Manager includes
point-of-sale along with back office, optional utilities and multi-store data

EASE OF USE — 5 Stars
Retail Manager is designed to be used with a touch screen. The user interface
makes extensive use of function keys and hot keys, all controlled by touch.
When entering a new item, you can type the item number on the keypad, scan the
barcode, or look up the number using the F3 key. You can also search for current
customers in the same manner. In order to expedite sales, you can set up hot
keys that will add the corresponding item to your sales list without entering
the item number or scanning the item. The hot key option is excellent for entering
non-inventory items or services. The quick key option will categorize certain
items and services. To make a sale on one of those items, simply touch the appropriate
button, enter the amount and press the Enter button to accept the amount. Twelve
quick keys can be set up for use. Pressing the Enter key on the keypad or the
F10 key will give you totals.

As noted earlier, Retail Manager contains the POS module, along with back office
functions, optional utilities and multi-store data exchange. It uses the SQL
database. Numerous add-on modules are also available, including CAP Inventory
Checker; CAP Hcom (which handles communication between multiple sites); Credit,
Debit and Gift Card Processing; Accounting Link (QuickBooks); Shopping Cart/Ecommerce;
Video Security; Time and Attendance; and a Kronos Payroll Link.

Attention to detail is what makes Retail Manager stand out. Even the smallest
details are covered, including whether the register operator is left-
or right-handed. Functionality through features like the Hot Key and the Quick
Key means quicker checkout and fewer mistakes, and customers and products can
be entered on the fly when necessary. Retail Manager can handle several types
of discounts, including percentage, promotional, customer discount and quantity.
A frequent buyer program can be instituted, with discounts available based on
several different criteria. Product items can be entered using a barcode scanner
or by item number.

Lookup options are extensive and multi-leveled. If you use the multi-store
option, you can control up to 10,000 different locations simultaneously. The
program also offers an option to print barcodes, price tags and shelf labels.
Customer purchasing activity can be tracked, with extensive detail available,
including sales history and recent charge amounts. System input methods available
include keyboard, barcode, touch screen and scales. Your company’s retail
options can be further expanded by adding a retail web site. Store security
can be increased by using the Video Surveillance option, and payroll expenses
can be easily tracked using the optional time and attendance module.

Retail Manager offers excellent integration capabilities. Full integration is
provided with all modules included with Retail Manager, along with all optional
products offered by CAP Automation. Retail Manager supports two cash drawers,
countertop scanners, magnetic card readers, check readers, pin pads, and all
credit/debit/gift card processing. Along with these fully integrated add-ons,
Retail Manager works with several third-party software vendors, including Mercury
Payments, PC Charge and Crystal Reports. The product also links with Kronos
Payroll and PDG Soft shopping cart and video surveillance.

Numerous reports are available, including sales summaries for one or multiple
locations. The sales summary report contains total sales, cost of sales, profit,
sales tax, money paid out and received, discounts taken, and transaction types.
You can also print Cash Drawer by Station, Cash Drawer by Sales, Tender Type
Detail, Purchases by Customer, in both summary and detail format. Retail Manager
will also provide custom reports by request.

For quick reporting, you can access a customer purchase summary by touching
“H” and an instant financial summary by touching “O.”
To write an instant letter, you can touch “W,” and the heading is
automatically produced. Other letters provide different reports, as well.

For those looking to automate their register system as much as technologically
possible while retaining an easily navigated user interface and few training
hours, Retail Manager is an excellent choice. The system starts at $1,995 for
a single user, and could prove to be invaluable to a retailer. Visit the company’s
web site for further information and to find an authorized dealer.

2005 Overall Rating: 5 Stars