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Greatland Corporation — WinFiler Plus 2005

From the October 2005 Review of W-2/1099

WinFiler Plus, the advanced version of WinFiler from Greatland Corporation,
provides support for an unlimited number of payers and recipients in preparation
of Form(s) W-2, W-2G, W-3, all 1099s, all 1098s, all 5498s, 941, 943, 945 and
corrections thereto. Additionally, WinFiler Plus provides support for quarterly
employment reports for 44 States. The program is available in two versions:
one supporting plain paper printing and the other supporting pre-printed forms.
Add-on modules are available that support network installations and magnetic
media filing. Electronic filing is available through WinFiler’s Express

WinFiler 2005 for preprinted forms costs $139; $234 for blank forms. WinFiler
Plus for 2006 costs $249 for preprinted forms and $344 for blank forms. Network
users can be added incrementally (three for $109, five for $179, 10 for $349,
etc.). The 2006 Federal & State Magnetic Media module costs $129, and the
2006 State Magnetic Media module can be purchased for $59.

Usability/Navigation — 4.5 Stars
The user interface features traditional pull-down menus and a toolbar with icons
for use with most of the program’s routines. Data entry within the program
is entered into on-screen records that pop up as forms are selected for input.
Data is organized by Payer/Client, so recipients are accessed within the respective
Payer/Employer. Data entry is heads-down and straightforward, and batch entry
for multiple payers is supported.

Entry of client data is made directly onto the Payer Input screen. Data entry
for both Payer/Employer and Payee/Recipient is performed on similar screens,
which quickly breeds user familiarity. Data-entry screens include useful icons,
and a form preview mode shows how actual forms will look when sent to the printer.
WinFiler Plus can be set to automatically calculate FICA and Medicare tax withholdings
within the user options settings. The program does not provide an on-screen
forms-based entry mode, which would be a welcome addition.

WinFiler Plus includes data-entry templates and allows user customization
of the data-entry process, including the ability to create Payer groups for
processing and printing; user-customizable payer, payee and proforma journals;
and federal unemployment tax and state unemployment insurance journals. WinFiler
Plus provides an easy method for rolling forward payee and payer information
from the prior year.

Reporting & Import/Export Capabilities — 4 Stars
WinFiler Plus can import files in ASCII format, which is a format to which most
accounting and payroll applications can export. The program supports form printing
on plain paper and preprinted forms.

Support For Paperless Transmission — 4.5 Stars
Greatland offers an add-on module for electronic/magnetic media filing of Form(s)
1099 and W-2. The program also supports e-filing of the quarterly Form 941.
WinFiler Plus includes a link to its service bureau, Express Services, through
which users can outsource printing, mailing, and filing of Form(s) W-2, 1099
and 941.

Help/Training — 4.5 Stars
WinFiler Plus has a short learning curve and includes traditional context-sensitive
Help and right-click mouse-button functionality. FAQs, downloadable software
updates and a downloadable user’s manual are also available. Greatland
offers traditional telephone support with extended hours during the month of

2005 Overall Rating — 4.5 Stars