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B2P Commerce Corp. — NonprofitBooks Office 2005


From the October 2005 Review of Not-for-Profit
Accounting Software

Marketed by B2P Commerce Corp. as “the only nonprofit software on the
market to achieve next-generation integration with QuickBooks 2004/2005, NonprofitBooks
(NPB) was designed specifically for the 200,000 plus users of QuickBooks in
the nonprofit sector. Aimed at small to midsize organizations, NPB seems to
be an affordable solution to those organizations looking for more nonprofit
functionality but who wish to continue using QuickBooks.

It’s important to note that this program is truly aimed at existing QuickBooks
2004/2005 users. Those not currently using QuickBooks will have to purchase
and install QuickBooks prior to installing NPB. A setup wizard is included in
NPB, which assists with new organization setup. This is also where you create
a link to QuickBooks. It’s also important to note that not all information
can be entered through NPB. Some information still needs to be entered in QuickBooks.

NPB uses a standard drop-down menu, with a series of navigational tools on
the left that provides access to functions found within your selection. For
instance, clicking on the Setup function will display choices such as main,
chart of accounts, programs, institutional donors, etc. Data-entry screens are
similar to QuickBooks entry screens, so familiarity with QuickBooks should ensure
a smooth transition to NPB.
The centralized transactions screen contains access to common functions such
as receive payments, make deposits, enter bills, pay bills and so on.

NPB Office contains three separate modules: Nonprofit Accounting, Donor Management
and Outcomes Measurement. You can purchase all three as a suite called NPB Office,
or you can choose to purchase each component separately. Because QuickBooks
is required in order to run the Accounting module, scalability capability is
100 percent reliant on the integration between the two programs. The QuickBooks
interface allows all data to be shared between the two software programs, though
the data is actually stored on the QuickBooks database. This sharing eliminates
the need for double entry. The company noted that Donor Management and Outcomes
Management are stand-alone applications that do not require QuickBooks to run.
They will integrate with QuickBooks if the customer chooses, but QuickBooks
is not required to run the program.

When setting up a new company, you’ll be given the option to update
existing files, import chart of account information from QuickBooks, or import
a pre-configured chart of accounts. Pre-configured sector-specific charts of
accounts are available for arts, culture, humanities, human services, faith-based,
religion, health, environmental and community foundation. Once setup is complete,
you simply click on File | Create organization’s file to create the YourOrganization.npb
file that will integrate with QuickBooks.

The setup wizard assists you in editing chart of accounts information, adding
programs, listing institutional donors and new grants. You can also add opening
balances or enter vendor information using the wizard. Using NPB, you can allocate
expenses to specified programs, monitor financial information for various funding
sources, track organizational grants and produce detail reports. NPB is FASB
compliant and features one-step reporting capability. You can easily track all
related expenses for each program or organization you have.

Using the Donor Management module is a great way to track donor contacts and
all donor transactions. Pledge tracking lets you get a handle on outstanding
pledges, track memberships or subscriptions, and perform mass mailings. The
Outcomes Measurement module lets you get a good look at the results of those
mailings or fundraisers. Again, the program allows you to track all related
programs, results, and produce sophisticated financial reports that detail those

REPORTING — 4.5 Stars
NPB contains a fair amount of reporting options, and can process FASB-compliant
reports, along with IRS 990 worksheets. Statement of Financial Position, Grant
Detail Reports, Functional Expense Reports, Utility Allocation History, and
Budget vs. Actual are just a few of the reports available. Outcomes Measurement
allows you to run detailed reports on all of your programs, choosing from one
of three categories: Service Delivery, Management Effectiveness and Fundraising.
The Donor Management module enables you to print donor and pledge reports, which
can be sorted by donor, donation or administration. You can conduct an effective
mail merge campaign by exporting files into Microsoft Word, and you can also
export your data to QuickBooks for more reporting options.

The 2005 NPB support plan is $399, and includes toll-free support with a four-
to six-hour guaranteed response time. The company noted that a $100 discount
is included when you buy the program. Support questions can also be submitted
via e-mail with a response guaranteed within 24 hours. Free product upgrades
are included in the support cost, and an online demo is available at the vendor’s
web site. ::::

NPB is a good fit for those already using QuickBooks for their nonprofit organization.
If you are looking at software for the first time, be prepared to purchase and
install two complete software programs before any data can be entered. For current
QuickBooks users, NPB is a good option for those who desire to increase their
reporting and tracking options. Priced at $1,999, NPB is affordable, offers
good product support, and comes with an excellent Help feature.

2005 Overall Rating — 4 Stars