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2005 Review of Practice Management Software — Executive Summary

From the October 2005 Review of Mid-Range
Accounting Software

Our prototype firm felt fairly uninspired by some of the products in this review.
While looks aren’t everything, if the software is intended to replace
your background for six or more hours per day, they count for something. Firms
should look for software that offers digital dashboards, intuitive user interfaces,
advanced scheduling features, and integration with newer software and widely
available technology. Digital dashboards are great assets to managers who need
regular updates. They are fast, reliable and don’t require multiple people
to prep a paper document that will be outdated by the time it is reviewed.

If you know your weaknesses, look for ways to reduce them. Every firm should
be aware of its present needs in privacy, security, document management and
remote capabilities. Any tool that provides value to your employees will assist
in the service to your clients. Suite approaches may appear to satisfy these
needs and be a significant cost-savings, but make sure you understand the planning,
training, conversion and implementation costs that go along with ANY potential