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1099 Express — 1099 Express & W-2 Express

From the October 2005 Review of W-2/1099

1099 Express offers two programs: 1099 Express and W-2 Express. 1099 Express
supports preparation of all Form(s) 1099, 1098 and 5498-IRA, as well as combined
Federal/State filing. W-2 Express supports preparation of Form(s) W-2 and W-3.
1099 Express costs $199 for the first year, and W-2 Express costs $149 for the
first year. Both programs are $95 for subsequent years.

Usability/Navigation — 4 Stars
The 1099Express/W-2 Express programs feature a spreadsheet-like interface with
the look and feel of Excel. However, they are stand-alone programs (not templates)
and do not require Excel or any other programs in order to operate. The programs
open to a client-specific spreadsheet list of payees and a toolbar with icons.
The spreadsheet features sortable columns for each of the lines on the selected
tax form (1099, W-2, etc.), which provides somewhat of a crowded view but does
lend itself to a full and complete view of all data on-screen without having
to actually open the payee form. Columns can be re-sized to view user-specific
data more easily.

Client/Payer information is entered into an on-screen window. Navigation is
via the Tab key. Users can access and edit existing clients, open a different
one or add new clients. When a company database is selected, its payees appear
in the spreadsheet listing. Double-clicking the payee record opens to the recipient
form. Data entry is performed directly into on-screen replicas of actual forms,
a feature that enables new users to quickly learn the programs’ methodology.
1099 Express and W-2 Express provide solid features, including an audit report,
search tools, the ability to print on plain or preprinted paper, and the ability
to copy and paste data directly from external spreadsheets. Toolbar icons include
mouse-over information that helps new or infrequent users find appropriate functions.

Reporting & Import/Export Capabilities — 4.5 Stars
1099 Express and W-2 Express import data from Excel spreadsheets or spreadsheet
data can be copied and pasted, including delimited and fixed text files, as
well as *.CSV, dBase, Lotus, Quattro and Works formats. The “copy and
paste” method allows the user to retrieve data from QuickBooks, Access,
Peachtree and any other programs that can save data to an Excel format. Each
program contains sample Excel spreadsheets to assist the user with getting up
to speed on the file import process. 1099 Express and W-2 Express report import
data errors and allow editing directly on the on-screen form. The programs support
all Windows-compatible printers and can be used to print on preprinted forms
or can also print approved laser-generated forms on plain paper.

Support For Paperless Transmission — 4 Stars
1099 Express and W-2 Express support electronic and magnetic media filing with
the SSA and IRS. The programs guide users through the process of creating electronic
and magnetic media files and saving to disk or uploading the files. A service
bureau is also available through which 1099 records can be filed electronically.

Help/Training — 3.5 Stars
The programs include a “back of the book” Help index, production-focused
Help capabilities such as mouse-over information, and right-click menus for
cutting and pasting, and support. The company supplies sample data files to
help explain many of the processes. Free traditional telephone support is also

2005 Overall Rating — 4 Stars