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Execupay — Execupay Payroll Suite

From the August 2005 Review of Service Bureau-Style Payroll

Execupay Payroll Suite (EPS) was designed by a company that started out in the payroll service business and still provides those services today. The program is comprised of a set of modules geared toward the primary tasks associated with providing payroll services, from tracking time, printing checks, human resource management, reporting, tax and FICA compliance, to sales and service, as well as an online component to the program. All modules are included in the price of the program, which includes a $8,750 license/startup fee and monthly maintenance fees of $500 for the prototype firm described in the introduction to this review section (page 20), based on fees of $.10 per check with a minimum of $500.

Mark Ward of Payroll Experts Inc., an Orem, Utah, based payroll and benefits provider for small and medium-sized businesses uses Execupay. Ward says he contributes a lot of his firm’s success to a decision his business partner and he made several years ago. “At that time, we were processing payrolls using about five different software programs to accomplish the entire payroll process. We knew that if we wanted to grow that we needed to invest in ‘real’ payroll software. After three months of evaluating the many payroll software providers, we decided on Execupay.” Ward’s company provides payroll services to approximately 225 clients in 19 different states.

EPS opens to a traditional Windows interface that uses intuitively designed screens that make use of pull-down menus and icon buttons across the top for access to primary features, along with tabbed data-entry screens that allow access to company and employee information with minimal effort. The system maintains a consistent interface across all modules. Many data-entry screens also utilize pull-down lists for commonly entered data, or for selection of predefined company divisions or departments, pay frequencies and other information. The program is built on industry-standard SQL databases that enable it to work on any Windows network, and it can be scaled up or down to be used by an unlimited number of users across a network or on a single workstation.

Since Execupay originated as a payroll service bureau, the software they’ve developed offers an impressive array of features and capabilities that are geared directly toward payroll service workflow processes. The system supports unlimited divisions and departments; state IDs; workers compensation codes; three period set dates; and company-wide scheduled pays, deductions and exemptions. Users can also assign unlimited bank accounts to companies and print checks for divisions separately to ease distribution. EPS’s Smart State Tax Setup wizard helps to configure multi-state taxes and provides detailed instructions on how to set up particular states.

The system supports unlimited scheduled pays and deductions for each employee and allows deductions based on flat amount, credit-to-net, hours paid, hours worked, percent of gross, percent of net, percent of worked or any custom calculations you choose. Individual deductions can also have limits, declining loan balance tracking and automatically generated third-party deduction checks. EPS’s HR functionality includes demographics and statistical data; raise history; new hire status; key dates; and manages sick, vacation and personal time accruals.

The program’s Direct Deposit function supports standard two-day turnaround or an expedited FedWire option, and allows splitting deposits by flat or percentage amounts into up to five different accounts and can still print a check for any non-deposited amount.

The Execupay Payroll Suite Reporting module includes an array of standard reports, as well as a ReportBuilder that enables the creation of customized reporting tools, a QueryBuilder that can build SQL-based reports for export to Excel, and the inclusion of Crystal Reports for greater report building capabilities.

EPS offers data exports via *.CSV files that can be mapped to a variety of accounting applications. The system works very well with the other modules in the suite, including the Total Tax module, the Client Response CRM system, the Client Call Center module, and MyPayrollWeb.

EPS provides a traditional Windows help utility with search and index functionality. The monthly maintenance fee includes unlimited support and tax rate updates. Execupay also offers marketing tools to assist firms in establishing or growing a payroll service.

After making the decision to go with Execupay, Ward says they “went back to San Antonio, Texas, for training, and 30 days later we had upgraded all of our clients to the Execupay Payroll Suite. The training was very thorough and extremely helpful. Of course, when we returned to Utah and started the upgrade process, we had many questions. I could not believe how helpful, kind and patient the support team at Execupay was. We had many questions and I’m sure we had some stupid questions, but they never made us feel like we were asking a stupid question. I was impressed with the support team at the beginning and, now that we have been with Execupay three years, I am even more impressed.”

Execupay is a well-rounded solution, providing front and back office needs, as well as other supporting applications that can assist payroll providers in servicing their clients more efficiently. The program is in a higher price range, but is well-suited to payroll services firms with large client bases, or clients with large staff, but who do not necessarily need data flow from the program to external accounting software.

Ward says that “from day one, I have been very happy with our decision to go with Execupay. I love having one software program taking care of the entire payroll process. With our old processing software we spent two days preparing to pay the monthly taxes. Now, paying the taxes is an afterthought. We generate a report and a couple minutes later the taxes are paid. It’s simple and yet very efficient. We have not received one tax notice because of a tax error.”

2005 Overall Rating – 4.5 Stars