Araize's FastFund Moves to the Cloud


November 7, 2011, Cary, NC - Araize Inc. announces a Software as a Service (SaaS) version of its popular FastFund Nonprofit Software suite. FastFund Online is the nonprofit industry's only cloud based software that supports your entire nonprofit operations, with accounting, donor, member, constituent management, payroll, and Web integration in a single, integrated software solution. FastFund Online was designed by CPAs and fund raising consultants with over 27 years of experience in the nonprofit industry. FastFund Online is a true SaaS based application, giving users greater flexibility and reliability while reducing the need for expensive on-siteserver and IT maintenance.

FastFund Accounting is a true fund accounting application that meets the requirements for generating FASB-117 compliant reports. A user defined table driven chart of accounts allows users to create an account structure with up to six segments and 36 characters to identify funds, programs and grants that matches their organizational structure. Built in cost accounting allows users to track budgets, revenue and expenses for short-term projects, or grants. Client invoices can be either mailed or emailed for revenue. ACH payments can be set up for paying vendors and employees using PCI compliant payment processing.

Araize’s SaaS solution is different from all other nonprofit software solutions because it is built around a single entity record, so donations, expenses, billing and constituent relations all use the same information for every transaction and activity, eliminating data re-entry and saving time. Automatic inter-fund balancing helps track activities between funds and creates a complete audit trail for all inter-fund transactions. Grant reporting allows you to print reports for specific grants for periods that are within, or overlap fiscal years, or are greater than twelve months. The built in report writer allows users to customize financial statements for their unique requirements. FastFund supports both direct and indirect cost allocations and includes the ability to create and track multiple budgets for your fiscal year. Budget data can be exported and imported from all spreadsheet applications. Recurring entries can be set up to post automatically. A complete audit trail of all data entered in the system is available to track activity by user.

FastFund Raising can integrate directly with your web-site for secure donation processing for credit cards, auto-drafts and ACH payments. FastFund Raising is a complete CRM system that tracks constituent, donor, member and volunteer data. On-line event registration can be integrated with the event management system. The unique campaign management system automatically credits all gifts to the proper appeal, campaign and fund and automatically posts revenue to the designated revenue account in accounting. Gifts can be split to more than one gift type for multiple donor designations. FastFund Raising can be a stand-alone package, or can be integrated with FastFund Accounting to eliminate duplicate data entry and reconciliation problems.

FastFund Payroll is designed for the demanding requirements of nonprofit payroll. Split employee wages and payroll taxes to multiple programs based on hours worked or percentages. Generate monthly and quarterly reports, including W2s. It supports a wide variety of pay frequencies, including weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay periods. Batch payroll processes eliminate many of the time consuming procedures when generating payroll. Employees can be paid by pay check, or by ACH direct deposit. The FastFund Payroll tax service keeps all federal, state and local taxes up to date.

FastFund Online licensing starts at $35 per month for a single-user system, including support and upgrades.