2013 Next Generation Strategic Partner Retreats

Type: Seminar
Date: 08/06/13 7:00 AM CT - 08/07/13 5:00 PM CT
Location: Nashville, TN


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Learn what it takes to create and manage the kind of firm you’ve always desired: organized, technology driven, efficient… and profitable—the Next Generation Accounting Firm.

If you’re an owner, principal or partner of a practice from 1-25 employees, CPA Practice Advisor’s Strategic Partner Retreats may be the most important event you attend this year.

Interact personally with the profession’s most respected thought leaders. Understand the strategies, technology architecture and organizational designs that have transformed hundreds of small CPA firms nationwide.

Agenda Highlights:

  • Examine how the Next Generation Accounting Firm is designed, organized and run.
  • Create the vision for your own Next Generation firm.
  • See how to apply your vision to a systematic operating model.
  • Discover the keys to transforming your firm.
  • Understand the critical components of an optimized business model.
  • Navigate the technology architecture, organization and workflow designs that enhance your firm’s productivity and capacity.
  • Extend your vision to new client relationships through a programmatic approach to branding, communications and marketing.
  • Come away seeing new dimensions for your firm’s potential.

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About the Presenters:

M. Darren Root, CPA, CITP, CGMA, has not only run a successful accounting practice for nearly 30 years, he has completely redefined every inward- and outward-facing aspect of his business to create the Next Generation Accounting Firm—more than doubling his firm’s productivity in the process. Darren wrote about his professional journey as co-author of The E-Myth Accountant, published by HarperCollins, and he is known throughout the industry in his role as Executive Editor of CPA Practice Advisor. Following the release of his book, Darren co-founded RootWorks, a membership-based organization providing owners of small CPA firms with a simplified, accelerated path to transforming their companies into Next Generation Accounting Firms. In 2012, Darren was elected to the Board of Directors of German American Bancorp.

Randy Johnston has been an entrepreneur, technologist, and teacher for most of his career and currently is a principal shareholder in both Network Management Group, Inc. and K2 Enterprises. Randy’s expertise has grown to touch virtually every technology in the marketplace, and he is particularly recognized for his technology update overview, accounting software, and paperless office expertise. Randy has an extraordinary ability to make complex technology understandable for all entrepreneurs and managers, and he articulates his personal mission as one to help as many people as possible to use technology in the way that benefits them most.

Who Should Attend:

  • Owners, partners and executive managers of small CPA firms—firms with 25 or fewer employees.
  • Firm stakeholders highly motivated to improve business processes and implement fundamental change.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to control and run their businesses, rather than their businesses controlling and running them.
  • Business leaders seeking a better work-life balance and return on their equity.

Registration is strictly limited to 50 seats—reserve your place now, and don’t miss out on what could be a milestone for your business.

Dates and Locations:

  • August 6-7, Nashville, TN
  • September 17-18, San Diego, CA

Download agenda for all events (PDF)

Cost: $795

Registration/contact info:

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For any additional questions, contact Jim Baker, 800-547-7377 ext. 2107.