2012 Review of Thomson Reuters — FileCabinet CS

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Thomson Reuters — FileCabinet CS (FCS)

From the June 2012 review of Document Storage Systems.

Best Firm Fit
It is real easy to identify where FileCabinet CS fits best. Since it is directly integrated with the entire CS Professional Suite of accounting and tax applications, FileCabinet CS fits best in firms that are utilizing one or more of those applications. The primary value proposition for FileCabinet CS is its integration with the CS Professional Suite. Utilizing FileCabinet CS in an environment where none of the other CS Professional Suite applications are deployed would be of limited value.



  • Direct integration with over fifteen CS Professional Suite accounting, auditing and tax applications
  • Available for deployment as either an on premise solution or a cloud based solution with the Virtual Office CS, SaaS or Virtual Office platform
  • Integrated portal that offers much more than just file exchange functionality
  • Integration with the Source Document Processing service to scan and organize 1040 supporting documents


Potential Limitations

  • Value is primarily based on integration with other CS Professional Suite applications


Features Overview

  • The integration of FileCabinet CS with all of the other CS Professional Suite applications offers a compelling value proposition. The folder structure is designed in line with the CS Professional Suite applications and completely customizable based on user preference. Each installed application will have a folder and sub-folder structure displayed by engagement year and/or document type.
  • Reports, invoices and tax returns generated in CS Professional Suite applications are posted directly to the appropriate client and application folder in FileCabinet CS.
  • A customizable folder template is created automatically when new clients are added
  • Built-in annotation tools including text notes, highlighting, tick marks and audio clips.
  • The FileCabinet CS print driver can publish documents directly to FileCabinet CS.
  • Source Document Processing application utilizes OCR technology to recognize 1040 supporting documents for automatic bookmarking and document organization in preparation for completing the tax return.
  • You can save MS Office files directly to FileCabinet CS in their native format or as a static document.
  • A special feature lets you set up emails you send from Outlook to be saved automatically in FileCabinet CS.
  • Security features include the ability to setup access permissions for individual users or administer them at the group level.
  • Integration with the NetClient CS portal through the use of a direct link button on the FileCabinet CS toolbar. NetClient CS is one of the most robust portal solutions on the market for accounting and tax firms.
  • As with all of the CS Professional Suite applications, FileCabinet CS can be run as an on premise solution or in the cloud.

Summary & Pricing

FileCabinet CS is a key component in the CS Professional Suite. This extended bundle of accounting and tax applications provide a complete solution for firms that prefer to take a “suite” approach to their applications deployment to gain the benefits of direct integration between applications. The fact that you can deploy CS Professional Suite as either an on-premise or cloud based solution is an added bonus.

Pricing for FileCabinet CS is $1,500 for the initial first year license, plus $500 for the first bundle of four network users and $250 for additional sets of four users. The NetClient CS portal solution and Source Document Processing are additional costs.

2012 Ratings:

Core Product Functions/Features: 4.75 Stars
Integration: 5 Stars
Advanced Functionality: 5 Stars

Overall Rating: 5 Stars