2011 Review of eTEK International Inc. — eTEK Fundamentals

eTEK International Inc. - eTEK Fundamentals

From the November 2011 Review of Not-for-Profit Accounting Systems

Best Fit
eTEK Fundamentals is a brand new product optimally designed for small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations, offering a high level of security with its SaaS version.


  • Built on Microsoft Office platform for easy system navigation
  • Excellent fund raising module available
  • Easy report customization
  • Solid import/export capability

Potential Limitations

  • Pricing could be prohibitive for the smallest of nonprofits


eTEK Fundamentals from eTEK International is a brand new fund accounting program designed for small government organizations, churches and nonprofits. Co-developed with Enhanced Business Systems of New York, eTEK Fundamentals has been time-tested in New York markets, and newly redesigned by eTEK to provide smaller organizations with a solid fund accounting product.

Basic System Functions - 4.75 Stars

eTEK Fundamentals is available as a traditional desktop product as well as a web-hosted SaaS service. The system uses ribbon-style navigation, similar to that found in Microsoft Office products … and is based on Microsoft Office 2010. It’s important to note that Microsoft Office 2010 needs to be installed prior to installing eTEK Fundamentals.

All application modules are at the top of the screen, and clicking on a module will display the various functions within that module. Data-entry screens are uncluttered, with lookup options that speed data entry. A sample database is also available to enter practice data prior to setting up the live system. Modules available in eTEK Fundamentals include GL, AP, AR, Fixed Assets, Payroll, Human Resources, Cash Management, Bank Reconciliation, Purchase Orders, Budget Preparation, Fund Raising and System Utilities.

Core NFP/Fund Accounting Capabilities - 4.5 Stars

eTEK Fundamentals features a user-defined four-segment account structure that is structured as follows: GL number, Fund, Object of Expenditure and Sub-Account. Alphanumeric and can be used to set up as many accounts as needed in order to track necessary fund information. GL transactions can be posted in real time or in batches for review prior to posting. Recurring journal entries can be setup with automatic reversals. System data such as new customers and vendors can be added on the fly, and the system can be set to automatically post payments to open invoices or assign each payment manually. Users can also post transactions to any period specified, including past periods, current and future periods.

The Budget module allows for the creation of a new budget for each account, fund or project, with budgeted amounts distributed equally across each budget period. Or amounts can be entered in each individual budget period. Budgets can also be edited, even budget amounts previously assigned. The Fund Raising module easily tracks donor gifts, memberships and pledges. Individual grants can be set up and tracked, with fund activity monitored through the GL. The Safe Posting option will not accept out-of-balance entries, and eTEK Fundamentals allows users to post transactions to any system period. Accounting periods may be left open, if desired. Each transaction entered into the system automatically creates an audit trail, with the ability to print detail. As previously noted, eTEK Fundamentals is available in both desktop and SaaS versions.

Management Features - 4 Stars

eTEK’s Budget Preparation module allows for the creation of custom budgets that include Prior Year Budget, Current Year Budget, Tentative Budget and Adopted Budget. This allows users to create and manage budgeted figures for the current year as well as the future. eTEK Fundamentals also offers solid system security, with users’ assigned access to specific modules, tabs or screens based on their job description. Managers can review batch entries prior to posting, and the AR module easily handles collections on standard AR balances as well as membership fees, dues and pledges. The Purchase Order module requires system approval prior to posting any orders, thus eliminating unnecessary spending. The Fund Raising module provides quick access to current and prospective donors, a solid donor history, and the ability to create fundraising campaigns via email. The Fund Raising module also creates automatic donation acknowledgements and will generate automatic renewal reminders.

Financial Statements & Reporting - 4.5 Stars

eTEK offers an excellent selection of system reports, with more than 180 included in the HR module and more than 200 in the Accounting and Payroll modules. System reports can be easily customized in the GL Operating Statement Setup function, which allows users to choose specific system periods, level of detail, and fund or sub-accounts to include. Other financial reports such as the Trial Balance and Trial Balance Detail offer similar customization capability. Budget reports can be easily exported to Excel for further customization. The Comparative Balance Sheet allows users to choose the periods they wish to compare. All eTEK reports can be exported to a variety of formats, including CSV, PDF, and all Microsoft Office formats including Word and Excel. Reports can also be emailed directly to recipients from the print screen. The Report Wizard provides users with even greater customization capability.

Integration & Import/Export - 5 Stars

eTEK offers a completely integrated financial system, with all modules and add-on products designed to work together. Solid integration with Microsoft Office products ensures easy import/export capability between applications. SaaS delivery means accountants can access the system from anywhere.

Help/Support - 4.75 Stars

eTEK Fundamentals contains excellent Help functionality, and the eTEK website provides users with a solid selection of web videos, user screens and sample reports, all designed to assist new users with system setup and initial navigation. System updates are available from the vendor’s website to anyone who currently has a product support agreement. A variety of software demos are available on the eTEK website. Several support agreements are available for purchase, with support costs generally running around 20% of the total license fee. All support is handled from eTEK’s Colorado office.

Summary & Pricing

eTEK Fundamentals is currently priced at $3,995 for up to three users, with $1,050 in training and support costs. eTEK also offers a complete system that includes all modules for around $15,000. The SaaS version is available for $283 per user per month, which drops significantly after 24 months. Other pricing options are available, as well. eTEK Fundamentals offers smaller government entities, churches and nonprofit organizations an excellent product that is fully scalable, and contains solid fund accounting features in a completely integrated package. By offering the two delivery models, this product is even more attractive to the small organization.

2011 Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars