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Aqubanc, LLC – Cheque 21



Cheque 21 System, from Aqubanc LLC is a donation processing software product designed for larger nonprofit organizations, and is designed to speed up donation/gift acceptance for more immediate donor acknowledgement. Cheque 21 works with many popular nonprofit software products including Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge and eCRM, Amergent, Talisma, PledgeMaker, Donor Perfect and Sage. Ideal for midsize to larger nonprofit organizations that typically receive 15,000 or more donations on a regular basis through annual appeals and other program outreach activities, Cheque 21 easily processes hundreds to thousands of transactions daily.

While smaller nonprofits have the manpower necessary to process annual appeal donations, larger organizations that run periodic and annual appeals often find themselves hiring additional personnel to process the influx of donations. This equals more administrative expense and less money going towards valuable programs. Cheque 21 methods and systems automate this process, easily handling everything from sorting envelopes into distinct categories, to scanning and transmitting check images directly to the bank for more immediate depositing. Cheque 21 handles this process while also recording the donation specifics directly into the organization’s donor tracking software. This efficient procedure cuts down on processing errors and ensures prompt acknowledgement of any monies received, a definite plus for the organization’s donors.

All of these processes are completed using three distinct systems, each designed to work together to expedite the donation receipt and acknowledgement. Specialty hardware such as mail extractors and scanners handle donation sorting and imaging. A check shredder destroys all checks that are scanned into the system to ensure confidentiality and safety. An included service component allows users to transmit those check images directly to their financial institution while maintaining a complete transaction archive for the auditors. A software component allows users to post all associated donation information in the user’s specific donor-tracking software. Since 2003, the Cheque 21 System offers midsize to larger nonprofits expedited donation processing in an easy-to-use solution. Custom quotes are provided to each client based on individual organizational needs, and can be obtained by telephone, or via the vendor’s website.

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