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AccountantsWorld - CyberCabinet

From the July 2011 Review of Document Storage Systems

Best Firm Fit:
CyberCabinet is best suited for sole practitioners and small firms who provide accounting, payroll and tax services. If your practice can use the Accountants Relief and Payroll Relief applications, you can have a solid online platform for running your practice without the hassle of managing your own file server and storage.

Core Product Functions/Features:

CyberCabinet is sold as a standalone as well as a part of an integrated suite of online applications, Power Practice, for accounting firms from AccountantsWorld. The initial screen is the Client Management Center, which provides a dashboard view of the practitioner’s clients for selection. Existing client information is pulled in from the central managed client list shared with all AccountantsWorld modules, and new clients can be added directly into CyberCabinet. New clients can be set up with the firm’s default folder structure and users can create unique folders for each client as appropriate. Separate folders can also be created for internal staff access only, and client folders can be accessed by the client through the portal if the user allows. A “shared” folder is used to store documents that will be accessible by all of the firm’s clients. Files can be searched by name, upload date and file size.


  • Integrated payroll & accounting applications
  • 100% browser-based and web hosted
  • Integrated client portal for document access & file uploads
  • Customized folder structure
Potential Limitations:
  • No integrated tax application
  • No direct integration with MS Office


One of the best features of CyberCabinet is its direct integration with the other AccountantsWorld applications. Reports and documents generated in Accounting Relief and Payroll Relief can be stored automatically in CyberCabinet.

The newest release of CyberCabinet allows for the upload and storage of all file types, excluding *.exe and *.com files, and file sizes can be up to 1GB. Files are uploaded through a typical Windows Explorer model, and entire folders and multiple files can be uploaded at one time

One of the newest features of CyberCabinet is the CyberDrop. Files can now be stored in a designated folder on the firm’s local storage, and CyberDrop (a utility that comes free with CyberCabinet) will automatically load those files at designated intervals or on demand. Users can also scan documents directly into CyberCabinet via CyberDrop, which includes a limited set of image processing tools to improve the quality of the scanned document image.

Advanced Functionality:

The AccountantsWorld suite includes an online client portal that is directly integrated with CyberCabinet. Firms can select individual files they want to give the client access to through the portal. An optional notification setting will alert staff via email when a client uploads a file to the portal. Security is controlled via login credentials and a file activity log.

CyberCabinet is a web hosted solution that was designed from the ground up to run through a browser, which is the optimal model for a true cloud-based solution.

Executive Summary & Pricing

AccountantsWorld offers a nice bundle of applications for small to mid-size accounting practices via the increasingly popular cloud computing model and the benefits associated with this delivery method. The software is priced very competitively at $49 per month or $495 annually.

2011 Overall Rating