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Intuit — Lacerte/ProSeries Document Management System





2011 Overall Rating 4.75


Best Firm Fit:

If your firm is using either the Intuit ProSeries or Lacerte tax preparation systems, then DMS is the natural first choice. It provides some functionality that can legitimately facilitate its use to manage the storage of all of your firm’s electronic documents.


  • Pre-defined, but customizable folder structure to streamline client setup
  • Direct upload of client lists from the ProSeries & Lacerte tax systems
  • Ability to manage the storage of non-client files
  • Granular permission setting rules at the individual user level

Potential Limitations:

  • Not available as a web hosted solution
  • Lack of an integrated document portal

Product Delivery Methods:

_X_ On-Premises

___ SaaS

___ Hosted by Vendor


Executive Summary & Pricing

Intuit continues its march towards being a single source of applications for running a small accounting and tax practice. If you are satisfied with the ProSeries or Lacerte tax programs, then you should be pleasantly surprised by the scope of features and functions in the integrated DMS at a price of $450 per year for ProSeries users and for $249 as part of the Lacerte productivity plus bundle that includes the Lacerte Tax Analyzer, Tax Planner and DMS.

Core Product Functions/Features 5

Integration 5

Advanced Functionality 4.25

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