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CCH Small Firm Services

CCH Small Firm Services — ATX & TaxWise W-2/1099 & Payroll Compliance Reporting

5974 ATX: 888-455-0183 TaxWise: 888-455-0182 CCH Small Firm Services offers two year-end compliance systems designed for professionals managing multiple employer/payer clients: W-2/1099 and Payroll Compliance Reporting. The applications are both sold under the ATX and TaxWise brand names and work as an integrated part of the ATX and TaxWise suites of professional tax […]


CCH Small Firm Services — ATX

800-681-1752 4.5 – 2011 Overall Rating Best Firm Fit: Small and mid-sized full-service accounting firms with generally less complex clients, yet with broader entity needs, including payroll and wage compliance. Strengths: –          Support for all entities at federal & state level –          W-2/1099 & wage reporting –          Form & interview-style input –          Excellent training […]

Isaac M. O'Bannon