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April 2014

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What SMBs Want from Their Accountant – Have You Asked?

We’re in the middle of a fundamental shift – from client-centric accounting, where clients do their own bookkeeping and then send the records (often full of errors) to the tax preparer once a year – to an accountant-centric model, where accountants use cloud-based tools to provide accounting services as well as higher level consulting services. This shift is forcing the profession to reexamine the whole model of the practice.

Firm Management

Save It or Lose It – Don’t Let Your Firm’s Data be at Risk

It is impossible to think too much about protecting your data. If you are the business owner, responsible for Information Technology or an IT professional, protecting data has to always be top of mind. Backup and recovery is not an area you can leave to chance. The January installment of this column spoke about alternative approaches and pitfalls of backup and recovery. The options are worthy of review if you are interested in backup and business continuity.

Accounting Extends Its Global Reach

Late last year, Intuit unveiled its app depot designed to make it easier for small business owners to manage their business. Since its debut, it has seen huge growth in the number of developers creating apps, with new apps being added regularly. In addition, the number of QuickBooks subscribers outside the U.S. has nearly doubled to 46,000 subscribers, and continues to grow - one more reason Intuit is looking to extend the number and types of apps available to its more than 561,000 online subscribers and 1.57 million users worldwide.

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