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RightTool Wins 2024 Accountant Bracket Challenge

The QuickBooks automation tool defeated CPA Jason Staats, host of the Jason Daily podcast, in the final by a score of 355-110.

QuickBooks automation tool RightTool is the champion of the 2024 Accountant Bracket Challenge, presented by Accounting High, as the 3 seed defeated 1 seed CPA Jason Staats, host of the Jason Daily podcast, by a score of 355 votes to 110 votes in the final.

“To everybody in the RightTool Facebook community and all the RightTool users, all of you came together and helped us get the most votes, so I wanted to thank you guys for being the best community in the industry, in my opinion,” said Hector Garcia, CPA, co-founder of RightTool, during the championship final show, which was streamed by Accounting High on YouTube and LinkedIn earlier this afternoon.

RightTool joins accounting and bookkeeping app Uncat as winners of the ABC Tournament. In the inaugural Accountant Bracket Challenge last year, Uncat defeated Staats 339-190 in the championship match.

“I think what we’ve learned is … machines win,” Staats said about his consecutive losses in the tournament final. “We thought that would be down the road, but it’s happening.”

A grand total of 36,831 votes were cast during the three-week tournament.

“This has been so much fun. It only works if other people participate and pay attention and have fun, so thank you to the 1,806 ‘students’ who participated,” said Scott Scarano, an accounting firm owner who founded Accounting High, a community for forward-thinking accountants.

He added that the tournament will return next year, with some tweaks to make it better.