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Field Set For 2024 Accountant Bracket Challenge

Voting for the first-round matchups in this year's ABC Tournament from Accounting High is underway and closes March 22.

Voting is underway for the first round of Accounting High’s 2024 Accountant Bracket Challenge, which includes 72 participants in four regions with Jason Staats/Jason Daily Podcast, Relay, Bridging the Gap Conference, and Keeper as the No. 1 seeds.

The eight brackets comprising 64 “teams”—plus a bonus tax bracket of eight challengers—were revealed on March 18. Round One polls close on March 22. You can click here to cast your votes.

Here’s the breakdown of this year’s ABC Tournament:

  • Categories: Applications, Education
  • Regions: Business, Accounting, Media, Collaboration
  • Brackets: Money, Utility, Practice, Books, Content, Courses, Conferences, Community
  • Bonus bracket: Tax

Here are the first-round matchups by category, region, and bracket:

Applications Category

Business Region

Money Bracket

1. Relay vs. 16. Ramp
8. Ignition vs. 9. Anchor
5. Forwardly vs. 12. Dext
4. Gusto vs. 13. Fyle

Utility Bracket

6. ChatGPT vs. 11. Slack
3. Reach vs. 14. Fathom
7. G Suite vs. 10. Calendly
2. Liveflow vs. 15. Amalgam

Accounting Region

Practice Bracket

1. Keeper vs. 16. Xenett
8. Liscio vs. 9. Client Hub
5. Karbon vs. 12. TaxDome
4. Financial Cents vs. 13. Canopy

Books Bracket

6. Bookkeep vs. 11. Botkeeper
3. RightTool vs. 14. Uncat
7. Xero vs. 10. Accruer
2. QuickBooks vs. 15. Excel

Education Category

Media Region

Content Bracket

1. Jason Staats/Jason Daily vs. 16. From Zero to Millions
8. Accounting High Podcast vs. 9. The Unique CPA Podcast
5. The Abundant Accountant vs. 12. Logan Graf/Tax Telegraf
4. The Accounting Podcast vs. 13. Unofficial QBOA Podcast

Courses Bracket

6. Royalwise Owls vs. 11. Accountests
3. Tax Rep Network vs. 14. Kitchen Table Automations
7. Workflow Queen vs. 10. Ambitious Bookkeeper
2. Earmark vs. 15. Nerd Enterprises

Collaboration Region

Conferences Bracket

1. Bridging the Gap vs. 16. Digital CPA
8. Scaling New Heights vs. 9. Thrieval Deeper Weekend
5. Appy Hour Camp vs. 12. Firm Growth Forum
4. Accounting Cornerstone Foundation vs. 13. AICPA Engage

Community Bracket

6. Bookkeeping Side Hustle vs. 11. #TaxTwitter
3. Future Firm vs. 14. Dark Horse CPAs
7. Bookkeeping Buds vs. 10. Realize
2. Roundtable Labs vs. 15. Tanya’s Bookkeeping Bootcamp

Bonus Tax Bracket

TaxPlanIQ vs. Tallyfor
RCReports vs. Avalara
StanfordTax vs. Tax Help Software
Intuit ProConnect vs. Drake

In the inaugural ABC Tournament last year, 10-seed Uncat, an app that helps bookkeepers, accountants, and clients resolve their uncategorized transactions, defeated tech-savvy CPA and top 10 accounting influencer Jason Staats, a 3 seed, in the championship match.