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Effective Marketing in Minutes: Essential Tips for the Time-Strapped CPA

In today's fast-paced world, you are constantly juggling between client needs, regulatory demands, and staying abreast of ever-changing tax laws. Amidst this, finding time for marketing can be a challenge.

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In today’s fast-paced world, you are constantly juggling between client needs, regulatory demands, and staying abreast of ever-changing tax laws. Amidst this, finding time for marketing can be a challenge.

However, effective marketing doesn’t always require hours of effort.

10 Quick Tips

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Here are 10 quick tips to market your services efficiently, even when time is a luxury you don’t have.

These tips can be completed in minutes to boost search ranking, engage social media followers, and generate leads. I’ve even thrown in a PPC/CPC campaign bonus tip to top things off.

  1. Update your social media bios, especially LinkedIn and Google Business. Here are fill-in-the-blanks bios (Rise Media) and four questions to answer to help you get started.

a. Helping [your niche] stress less this tax season! Ready to check taxes of your to-do list? [link to your contact page]

b. [Your credentials] with [#] years of experience helping individuals and small businesses with tax filings and compliance. [link to your contact page]

c. Saving [your niche] money one tax write-off at a time! Accepting new tax preparation clients for the 2024 filing season. [link to your contact page]

d. What type of services do you offer?

e. What type of clients to you work with?

f. What locations do you work in (if not virtual)?

g. How can clients get in touch with you?

2. Share these social media posts with links to website content.

a. Tax Season Survival Guide (business and personal editions with links to your site)

b. W-2s and 1099s – Avoiding Fines (post deadlines and how they can contact you)

c. New Year: New Tax Brackets (post the bracket updates and why they are relevant for readers)

d. Mileage Rate Increases (for clients / industries that would benefit)

e. New Year: New Goals -> Hire a Bookkeeper! (share a funny meme and a link to your services page)

f. QuickBooks a Mess? We’re your clean-up crew. (share a funny image, include your QB badge and link to your services page)

g. Create funny tax-season memes to post throughout tax season, e.g., person buried under paper; Do you wish that complaining about taxes was tax deductible; and, What if I told you tax season doesn’t start on April 14?

3. Update email signatures with tax filing deadlines for everyone in your firm; link to services, industry and contact us pages; link to social media profiles; add certificate icons like QuickBooks, Xero, etc.; and a link to your client portal.

4. Simple emails designed and scheduled before January 31. Then release them throughout tax season, including:

a. 1099s – What you need to know and who files them.

b. Tax Filing Deadlines – Avoid An Extension

c. Income Tax Brackets for 2024 – Do you need a new W4?

d. Tax Deductions and Credits – Maximize Your Personal Return

e. Self-Employed Business Deductions for the DIY-er

f. Earned Income Tax Credit – This one’s a biggie!

g. Got Kids – Get the Credits (child tax credit, dependent care credit, education credits)

h. Inflation Pinch? You might get a credit. (Inflation Reduction Act)

i. Online Seller? 1099-K Changes Coming

j. Saving for Retirement – Inflation Might Impact That in 2024

5. Update your Google Business Profile (don’t have one, now’s the time to create it)             

a. This is a great way for people to find your firm organically (without spending $$). Here are some Google Business Profile best-practice tips in five minutes.

6. Ask for referrals from clients and then post the testimonials on your website. Utilize a Google Form to collect comments from clients and post them on social, use them on your website, and share them in email signatures.

7. Request five-star Google reviews from clients with this easy formula.

8. Utilize existing content by writing short, informative blog posts that answer common questions your clients have. This can improve your website’s SEO and establish you as a knowledgeable authority in your field.

9. Share tax season stats that might shock your followers, such as the number of returns your team completed last year, the amount of tax savings for clients over a period of time, or any of these IRS shockers. 

10. Repurpose content you’ve shared previously, such as webinar playbacks (especially if they are monetized), downloadable pieces, checklist, tip sheets, and more.

Bonus Tip – PPC/CPC Ads

If you plan to spend money on tax ads this year, keep in mind H&R Block and TurboTax rule and influence the market spend. In order to compete with them, make your ads stand out with unique headlines and descriptions, and relevant keywords for your target market.

Rather than creating generic ads like “Need Tax Help? Give us a call.” create engaging headlines that get attention.

Here are 10 suggestions for individual and business tax services.

  1. Say Goodbye to Tax Stress! Quick, Reliable, & Affordable Tax Services
  2. Unlock Bigger Savings on Your Taxes – Professional Help is Here!
  3. Don’t Miss Out on Deductions! Let Our Tax Pros Guide You
  4. Trouble with Taxes? Get Trusted Help and Peace of Mind
  5. Streamline Your Tax Filing! Efficient and Error-Free Service
  6. Tax Solutions for the Smart Saver! Optimize Your Returns Now
  7. Maximize Your Business Deductions! Let Our Experts Uncover Savings
  8. Tailored Tax Solutions for Your Business! Personalized Service, Maximum Returns
  9. Cut Through Complex Business Taxes! Expert Guidance Every Step of the Way
  10. Elevate Your Business Tax Strategy! Expert Advice for Smart Savings

These quick tips can help you leap from the starting gate and lead you toward the finish line. If you haven’t been working on your tax marketing strategy lately, there is no time like the present.

Need help? Give me a call.


Becky Livingston is founder and CEO of Penheel Marketing, and has more than twenty years of experience in marketing and communications, as well as a strong background in technology. She can also be found doing public speaking gigs across the country.