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Ensuring Success 2023 – Day 2 Sessions Recap

The 10th annual Ensuring Success CPE conference is now underway at Accounting and tax pros can view this live, streaming CPE conference from their own office on Dec. 6-7, 2023.

CPA Practice Advisor recently concluded the 10th annual Ensuring Success, the largest live-streamed CPE conference for accounting and tax professionals. More than 3,300 professionals registered for the event, which was held Dec. 6-7, 2023. Ensuring Success helped these professionals meet requirements complete continuing education across a variety of subject areas related to tax, accounting, practice management and ethics.

On the first day of the event, the first seven free CPE sessions included tax ethics, firm management, small firm strategies for tax credits, 2023-24 tax season issues, digital assets, firm branding/marketing, and AI for accountants. An additional 7 live CPE sessions were live-streamed on Thursday, Dec. 7, 2023. The list of sessions offered this year, and the speakers who participated in the event, is at

Attendees of the free, live streaming sessions were able to earn CPE credit. Recorded versions of all 14 CPE sessions will be available online soon, however, only attendees of the live event had the opportunity to receive the CPE.

(See pics from day 1.)

Day 2 Topics and Studio Images:

Ensuring Success session 8 on Data Security for accounting firms, sponsored by Rightworks, with Randy Johnston, Roman Kepczyk and Dave Cieslak, with hosts Alexandra DeFelice and Gail Perry.

Session 9 on e-commerce accounting, sponsored by Xero, with Alexandra DeFelice, Aaron Berson, Annie Terry and Wayne Richard, and host Gail Perry.
Ensuring Success session 10 on Approachable Advisory and Spend Management, sponsored by, with Alexandra DeFelice, Gail Perry, Jayson Brannon, Michael Ly and Sean Duncan.
Session 11: Alexandra DeFelice, Donny Shimamoto, Enrico Palmerino, Jim Bourke and Gail Perry Big Data and what accountants need to know. Session sponsored by BotKeeper.
Session 12: Hosts Gail Perry and Alexandra DeFelice were joined by Cathy Rowe, Andy Root and Sean Duncan for a discussion on “How to grow, scale, and elevate” modern accounting firms. Sponsored by Wolters Kluwer.
Session 13: Hosts Gail Perry and Alexandra DeFelice were joined by Vaughan M. Long, Tanya R. Baber, and Nicole Davis, for a discussion on tax resolution issues. Session sponsored by Canopy.
Session 14: Hosts Gail Perry and Alexandra DeFelice were joined by CPAs Roman Kepczyk, Sean Duncan and Geni Whitehouse, for a session focused on business and firm transformation. “From irrelevant to irreplaceable.” Session sponsored by ZOHO.