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Ensuring Success 2023 – Day 1 Sessions Recap

The 10th annual Ensuring Success CPE conference is now underway at Accounting and tax pros can view this live, streaming CPE conference from their own office.

Ensuring Success, the largest live-streamed CPE conference for accounting and tax professionals, was held December 6-7, providing these financial and tax advisors the opportunity to complete their credential requirements, and also offering strategies for developing firm growth opportunities and strategies to better serve their clients.

More than 3,300 registered for this year’s event, which was the 10th anniversary of Ensuring Success. Over a period of two days and 14, one-hour sessions, an ensemble of thought leader panelists discussed a variety of subject areas related to tax, accounting, practice management and ethics.

On the first day of the event (Dec. 6, 2023), the CPE sessions included tax-related ethics, firm management, small firm strategies for tax credits, 2023-24 tax season issues, digital assets, firm branding/marketing, and practical AI uses for accountants.

On day two (Dec. 7, 2023), session topics included data security risks for firms, ecommerce accounting, spend management advisory services, big data, firm growth strategies, tax audit resolution issues, and firm transformation.

Attendees of the free, live streaming sessions were able to earn CPE credit. Recorded versions of all 14 CPE sessions will be available online soon, however, only attendees of the live event had the opportunity to receive the CPE. Visit for more information.

Day One Topics and Studio Images:

Session 1: Alexandra DeFelice, Cory Barwick, Brian Fox, DiAndria Green and Gail Perry discus tax ethics issues. Session sponsored by Avalara.
Session 2: Alexandra DeFelice, Jeff Phillips, Joey Havens, Al-Nesha Jones and Gail Perry discuss firm management issues.
Session 3: Alexandra DeFelice, Nadia Rodriguez, Brandi Price, Marcus Dillon and Gail Perry discus tax credit topics faced by small firms. Session sponsored by ADP.
Session 4: Alexandra DeFelice, Andrew Argue, James Rainwater, Lucia Valenzuela and Gail Perry discuss tax issues for the 2024 filing season. Session sponsored by Corvee.
Session 5: Alexandra DeFelice, Dr. Sean Stein Smith, Mackenzie Patel and Gail Perry discuss digital asset accounting and tax issues.
Session 6: Alexandra DeFelice, Gaynor Meilke, Becky Livingston, Geni Whitehouse and Gail Perry discuss marketing and branding issues.
Session 7: Alexandra DeFelice, Andrew Hatfield, Garrett Wagner, David Cieslak and Gail Perry discuss how accounting and tax pros can effectively use AI in their firms. Session sponsored by SafeSend.