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Lexy Kessler, CPA, CGMA – 2023 Most Powerful Women in Accounting

Lexy Kessler, CPA, CGMA

2023 Most Powerful Women in Accounting
Mid-Atlantic Leader | Audit Partner
Aprio – Rockville, MD

How do you envision the accounting profession evolving in the foreseeable future for women?

I think it’s ripe for opportunities.  The pandemic has transformed and redefined how we do business to allow for better work life balance.  In addition, there many organizations with DEI&B initiatives to help support/sponsor women in the profession combined with dynamic role models committed to giving back and help all women rise to their full potential.

What advice would you give to women college students about preparing for a career in the accounting profession?

Leverage the relationships you are building in college.  Get to know other people and stay in touch – they will be your future contacts, referral sources and advocates for you.  It’s the one thing I wished I had done more of when I was in college.

How would you advise accounting firms on how they can better attract, retain, and advance more women?

Train your partners and staff to better understand unconscious bias and how what they say can be heard – I’m fortunate to travel more globally for our profession and I see differences in how one part of the country will respond to  situation vs the other. The mindset needs to be about who we should be versus what we have been.

What is your favorite professional mobile app, and why?

Teams – keeps me connected more easily (which can be good or bad!)

What do you like to do when you have time away from work?

Travel, bake and spend time with friends and family.


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