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GPT AI Technology Simplifies Writing Your Firm’s Marketing Emails in Mailchimp

Of U.S. accountants, 48% plan to invest in artificial intelligence over the next 12 months, according to the Intuit QuickBooks Accountant Technology Survey.

The future is here: You can now easily send AI-drafted marketing emails for your firm.

Intuit Mailchimp has launched Email Content Generator (beta), which provides GPT AI technology to allow customers to create marketing email campaigns based on industry, marketing intent, and brand voice. Currently, this is only available to Mailchimp customers in the United States in certain industries. 

This kind of artificial intelligence-based technology is exactly what accountants are craving. Of U.S. accountants, 48% plan to invest in artificial intelligence over the next 12 months, according to the Intuit QuickBooks Accountant Technology Survey. Already, 91% of accountants told QuickBooks they have adopted new technology to meet their clients’ evolving needs over the past two years.

Email Content Generator is part of a suite of AI-powered features within Intuit Mailchimp, and this latest release represents the next step in Mailchimp’s goal to transform email marketing for small- and mid-size businesses—including accounting firms.

“We’re on a mission to make Mailchimp the only place where marketers can effortlessly create content optimized for their brand, marketing channels, objectives, and every member of their audience,” said Rania Succar, CEO at Mailchimp.

A Driving Force for AI in Small Businesses

Intuit has been driving AI innovation to help its customers solve their most important problems, accelerating personalized AI at scale for more than 100 million consumer and small business customers. Mailchimp currently has 20+ AI and data science features in-app. These include Creative Assistant, Content Optimizer, Send-Day and Send-Time Optimization, Predictive Segmentation, and Product Recommendations, all designed to help small business owners save time, send more effective marketing campaigns, and get smarter with their marketing decisions. In 2022, alone, Mailchimp generated more than 8 million data-backed recommendations with its AI-powered features.*

“Marketers and small businesses are spending a lot of time thinking about how they can apply AI without adding something new to their plates or relinquishing creative control,” said Jon Fasoli, Chief Data and Product Officer at Mailchimp. 

Accountants have already seen the ways that technology can win back time in their workdays to help them reach business goals. According to the QuickBooks survey, 81% of accountants said technology is freeing up enough time to have a more advisory role with clients. Because of technology, 80% of accountants said they’re getting more face-to-face time with clients, and 82% have reported that their in-person interactions are more meaningful. 

“We see generative AI fundamentally changing the landscape of creative work, and we’re here to help our customers apply it to their day-to-day marketing in meaningful ways so that they get more done and reach their goals faster. Email Content Generator and our AI-powered features can help them do just that,” said Fasoli.

What Mailchimp’s AI-Based Email Content Generator can do

Mailchimp users can generate content with AI to design on-brand marketing content faster, get copy ideas and inspiration, and test variants to deliver more personalized and engaging content to their customers. With the help of Email Content Generator, businesses can take content that GPT AI technology recommends for them and then customize that content to create highly personalized email marketing campaigns tailored to their brand, tone, and marketing intent, making email campaigns feel more authentic and relevant to their customers.

When creating an email campaign in Mailchimp’s new email editor tool, users can see three options of copy that match their industry, marketing intent, and tone of voice. Mailchimp customers can give a natural language prompt, such as “Write an email about our new product launch and offer 15% off orders today only,” and Email Content Generator will create three options that are even more targeted to the goal of their email campaign. Users can select an option generated for them that works best to drag and drop into their campaign, customize, and send to help them reach their audience and sell more.

Mailchimp’s content generation and optimization tools don’t just serve up content; they also break down why a campaign performs the way it did, with detailed insights and suggestions, and share recommendations for how to improve those campaigns and content. Small businesses can take advantage of Mailchimp’s data, which includes their specific industry’s data, to benchmark their marketing efforts across their industry and find the best day(s) and time(s) to send marketing campaigns to engage their customers.

QuickBooks ProAdvisors can Snag a Mega Sale on Mailchimp

If you’re among the half of accountants who are anxious to see how AI-based technology can boost your firm’s success, this is the right time to give it a try. Email Content Generator (beta) is currently available to select Mailchimp customers in the United States who have Standard and Premium plans and are using Mailchimp’s new email builder.

QuickBooks ProAdvisors ready to take the next step to market and grow their business can sign up for a new Mailchimp account and get 75% off the Standard plan for the first 12 months.** Just click through this link to sign up, and find the Terms and Conditions here.

*Based on 2022 data for the following products: Product recommendations, Send Time Optimization, A/B testing, CLV segmentation, Likelihood to Purchase Segmentation, and PBJ.

** Valid only for QuickBooks ProAdvisors who do not have a Mailchimp account and who sign up for Standard plan from 4/20/2023 – 4/20/2024 (MM/DD/YYYY format) through call-to-action button on this page. 75% off Standard plan for 12 months, not including add-on fees or one-time fees, followed by the Standard plan rate currently in effect based on your contacts and email sends. Your number of contacts will determine your pricing tier and number of monthly sends. When you redeem this offer, you will be placed on the Standard plan in a tier with up to 500 contacts and up to 6,000 monthly email sends. If you exceed these limits, you will be subject to additional charges for overages, which do not include the discount. You will lose the offer if you change your plan type or cancel your account. Pausing your account does not pause the discount. Once discount ends, you will automatically be charged Standard plan rate without discount.