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AI-Augmented Marketing Operations

In the accounting profession, staying on top of current trends and looking for ways to leverage them as part of your growth strategy is crucial.

In the accounting profession, staying on top of current trends and looking for ways to leverage them as part of your growth strategy is crucial. One trend gaining traction is augmenting marketing operations with artificial intelligence (AI).

According to Gartner, by 2025, organizations that use AI across the marketing function will shift 75% of their staff’s operations from production to more strategic activities. That’s a seismic shift in how firms market their services. So let’s explore how your firm can leverage AI-augmented marketing to maximize efficiency, drive optimized outcomes and empower your team to succeed at unprecedented levels.

How to leverage AI in your marketing operations

AI-augmented marketing can help your firm automate mundane tasks and streamline workflows. Here are some key strategies your firm can use to leverage AI in its marketing operations.

Content creation

AI can be used to take content creation to the next level. AI-augmented content creation can help identify topics that resonate with a given audience, increase the efficiency of creating content, personalize content for individual users, and optimize the flow of content for better engagement and outcomes.

With AI-driven content creation tools, marketers can create content quickly and easily by leveraging natural language processing (NLP) to generate text-based assets such as articles, blog posts, emails and social media posts.

While I don’t recommend letting AI write your content from start to finish, it can speed up the process. If you have a full-time content writer on your team, their job isn’t going away. But tools like ChatGPT can help them do more work in less time by providing initial outlines and rough drafts. Then their role can be elevated to editor and fact checker.


A lot of time in marketing departments is spent on routine search engine optimization (SEO) tasks like writing social media captions, meta titles and descriptions, and researching keywords.

Leveraging AI for your firm’s SEO can provide a way to optimize your search engine rankings quickly and efficiently. With AI-driven tools, you can analyze your website’s content, structure, and performance to identify ways to improve SEO ranking factors. You can also use AI-driven tools to monitor website performance, track competitor optimization tactics, and identify new keyword opportunities.

Social media marketing

AI is also being used to help firms automate and optimize their social media marketing efforts. For example, you can use AI-driven tools to track conversations, monitor user sentiment, identify influencers, suggest content ideas, analyze the performance of past campaigns, and even create customized visuals for social posts.

Client service

Accounting firms can leverage the power of AI-driven chatbots to provide their clients with an efficient and personalized client experience. For example, you can use AI tools on your firm’s website to quickly answer basic client queries, schedule appointments, provide information about your services, and direct clients to the right resources.

Additionally, you can use AI to analyze client conversations and identify patterns that may indicate client preferences or areas of improvement.

AI-augmented marketing analytics

Your firm can access AI-augmented marketing analytics to provide insights and actionable recommendations. These tools can help you analyze client behavior, identify trends, optimize campaigns in real-time, and measure the success of past efforts. With these types of insights at your disposal, your marketing professionals can make better decisions about how to allocate their limited resources and adjust their strategies for maximum effectiveness.

Marketing professionals should ask themselves how they can leverage the power of AI-augmented marketing to improve their operations. AI-driven marketing is the future of marketing, and firms must start investing in it now to remain competitive. It’s a powerful tool to help your firm create high-quality content, optimize SEO and social media campaigns, provide personalized client service experiences, and access insights-driven analytics. But before making any AI investments, it’s crucial to carefully evaluate the potential ROI and consider how you can use AI in a meaningful way. Then, with the right strategies in place, your firm can tap into AI to maximize efficiency and drive optimized outcomes for your business.


Jon Hubbard is a shareholder and consultant at Boomer Consulting.