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How to Ask for a Five-Star Google Review

Asking clients for reviews can feel awkward. In general, though, people love to brag about great customer service. They might just need a little reminder to do so.

With tax season about to hit full swing, now’s the time to ask clients for a five-star Google review for your firm. Asking clients for reviews can feel awkward. In general, though, people love to brag about great customer service. They might just need a little reminder to do so.

This Forbes article states why. “Statistics show that 92% of business-to-business (B2B) buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review, and displaying five product reviews can increase conversion rates by 270% compared to having no product reviews.”

Why ask?

“A positive review can go a long way toward building your clientele and engendering trust between you and your customers,” writes Elizabeth Shea, a Forbes contributor. If that seems far-fetched, check out these stats:

  • 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • Improving your review star rating by 1.5 could equal 13,000 more leads.
  • Every 1-star increase in a Yelp rating leads to a 5-9% increase in revenue.
  • In a study by Podium, 93% of consumers said that online reviews for local businesses are as helpful as product reviews on sites like Amazon.
  • According to BrightLocal, 98% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses.

Asking for Reviews

If you want reviews on Google, the process is pretty simple.

  1. Go to your Business Profile. [How to find your profile.]
  2. Select Customers, then Reviews, and then Get more reviews.
    1. Tip: On your computer, using Google Search, select Ask for reviews.
  3. Share the link with your customers directly or use the sharing options provided.

There are many other ways to ask for reviews, including:

  • In person or over the phone.
  • Through your website on a reviews page.
  • Blast emails distributed quarterly; plus, add a link in email signatures.

Scenarios You Might Have

When a client expresses praise, thank them for it, and  ask them to write a review for your services. Then, provide instructions. Tip: Create it as an email draft that you can copy/paste and send to them.

Example – Phone Call

Client: Sings your praises

You: That’s really great to hear. Our team tries its best to help our clients. Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback. In fact, would you be willing to post a five-star review on Google? It really helps us with prospective clients.

Client: Sure!

You: Do you know how? If not, I can send you the instructions. It is easy.

Example – Email

Believe it or not, email is still one of the strongest mediums to engage clients. You can ask for a review in an email blast or personalized from your own account (by saving a draft message that you can customize). Be sure to involve staff in this effort as well. Stress the importance of customer reviews and how their assistance contributes to the firm’s overall growth.

Here is an example.

Hi [first name],

As an existing client, we want to hear from you about our services.

Would you mind writing a quick five-star review on Google? A few sentences is all it takes!  

It enables us to continue providing the best experience possible for you. It also helps others understand how our firm and its team can make your lives easier.

Reviews also help us with your needs while helping others to make confident decisions about our services.

Instructions for posting a Google Review.

Thank you,


Example – Website

Including a request to leave a review on your website can be a simple as creating a form-field page and adding that page to the top navigation. Once reviews are approved, they can be posted on the testimonials page. You can also include a review button that links to Google. Be sure to monitor reviews in case there are comments you need to address.

Can I delete a negative Google review?

According to Google, If you receive a negative review on Google, you may be able to delete it form your Google Business Profile. Here is how.

Adding an online review marketing initiative to your efforts throughout the year may impact your firm’s bottom line. Focus on the clients that would  post positive reviews in the industries and service areas where you want to increase exposure. The effort can increase your firm’s credibility, while impacting your search engine ranking.


Becky Livingston is the CEO and founder of Penheel Marketing.