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Accounting Top 100 Social Media Leaderboard

The Accounting Top 100 social media leaderboard ranks accounting professionals based on their overall presence, influence, and engagement on social media platforms.

What are the traits of a great client?  This week we asked our participants to share traits that make a great client or alternatively, what makes them turn away a client. Check out the interesting responses below.

Here are some highlights from the latest Top 100 Accounting Social Leaders …

Let’s hear it for Kristen Keats CPA (@kristenkeatsCPA on Twitter) who advanced 37 spots from #100 to land at #63. Keats is CEO and Founder of Breakaway BA and Owner of Sherwood Tax & Accounting. An industry leader with over twenty years’ experience serving small businesses and self-employed clients, Kristen is an avid and early adopter of new accounting technologies and an expert on cloud accounting. She is passionate about listening to her clients and gaining a well-rounded understanding of their needs and long-term goals.

You may follow Kristen via her Breakaway Blog where she shares her life’s goal: bringing joy to accounting. We are honored to have Kristen’s continued participation in the Top 100 Leaderboard!

Moving on up: Chris Ekimoff, CPA – Investigative accountant out of Washington DC, with a huge leap of 142 spots from #224 to land in the top one hundred at #82. Keep up that momentum, Chris!

Newest to the Leaderboard: Andrew Harrelson, CPA and owner of Foresight Advisory and Consulting out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Welcome, Andrew!

Check out this week’s Leaderboard here:

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How the leaderboard works: The Accounting Top 100 social media leaderboard uses an algorithm that scores and ranks users based on five separate metrics, each of which is weighted according to its perceived value. These five metrics are calculated every two weeks and combined to form a Power Score: a 1-100 value based on Rise.Global’s Relative Scoring Method. This Power Score determines a user’s rank on each new leaderboard release.

Want to see yourself rank even higher?

Remember, a new leaderboard with updated rankings is generated every two weeks, so keep up the great work on social media and watch your ranking climb.

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