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5 Can’t-Miss Reasons to Attend QuickBooks Connect 2022

The three-day QuickBooks Connect journey features many exciting and entertaining events that not only transcend your ...

QBConnect 2022

QuickBooks Connect is officially back, this time at the Aria Las Vegas Dec. 7-9, 2022. This year’s event will be exclusively in-person, and is 100 percent geared toward QuickBooks ProAdvisors, accountants, bookkeepers, and QuickBooks platform partners.

The three-day QuickBooks Connect journey features many exciting and entertaining events that not only transcend your experience, but also equip you with the knowledge and opportunities to take your practice or firm to the next level.

Here are five key factors that make QuickBooks Connect 2022 an event you need to attend:

1. Powerful and Inspiring Keynotes

One thing QuickBooks Connect attendees are accustomed to is the memorable and inspiring moments from keynote speakers who often are big names with big stories. And this year will be no exception.

This year’s lineup has an ace up its sleeve (not the magic Vegas kind, though!) with 23-time grand slam tennis champion Serena Williams. On the court, you may know her as one of the best tennis players in history. Off the court, you may not know that she’s built a successful business career, and has a passion for philanthropy and fashion.

In addition, another exciting keynote will be The New York Times best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell, a journalist and podcast host who has been named one of the 100 most influential people by TIME magazine and one of Foreign Policy’s Top Global Thinkers.

You’ll surely be inspired when they share their journeys, advice, and stories on the big stage. Stay tuned for more powerful keynote speakers to be announced in the coming months.

2. Impactful Networking Opportunities

One aspect that really makes QuickBooks Connect stand out is the amazing number of opportunities you have to grow your network and your practice. Imagine thousands of your peers and other professionals under one roof, all able to connect in unique ways with the same common goal. That’s what QuickBooks Connect brings to the table.

This has been the prevailing takeaway for many past attendees, including QuickBooks ProAdvisor Jonathan Bello.

“QuickBooks Connect gives me the opportunity to connect with colleagues and Intuit partners, something long overdue these days,” said Bello, owner of One 8 Solutions. “I’m also able to connect with the technical people from Intuit, such as product managers, to share my thoughts and observations—this is invaluable.”

Whether it’s connecting with other CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers, or tapping into the expertise of developers, software vendors, and QuickBooks platform partners on the exhibit floor, make sure you take advantage of these networking opportunities that can lead to great relationships and long-term growth.

3. Dynamic Breakouts Bring CPE Credit … and More

While many sessions offer CPE credit that checks a much-needed box for a lot of CPAs, these daily, dynamic breakout sessions offer so much more.

How about relatable stories from your peers, training on a particular QuickBooks solution, or getting key advice to begin offering advisory services? Dozens of breakout sessions offer a bit of everything. And there’s a number to choose from in each time slot, allowing you to decide what best suits your needs and interests.

One QuickBooks Connect regular commented on the impact of the breakout sessions.

“The sessions and networking events make it ideal for firm owners and their teams to come and learn best practices from industry experts,” said Nicole Davis, CPA, MBA, founder, and CEO of Butler-Davis Tax & Accounting LLC. “And the connections are invaluable. In fact, I met my #BizBFFs at my first QuickBooks Connect, and without that event, I doubt we even would have connected and created the bond that we share today. Throw in some CPE and it becomes one of the must attend, in-person events of the year.”

4. Memorable Evening Experiences and Entertainment

What would Vegas be without some entertainment and nightlife?

At QuickBooks Connect, the action doesn’t stop after the daily keynotes and breakouts; it’s only getting started! Like you may have seen at previous QuickBooks Connect versions, you’ll be able to enjoy memorable evening experiences and entertainment, packed with fun moments to share with others. Details will be announced very soon.

5. Product Demos, Tech Training, and Meetups

Whether you’re looking for one-on-one help or shared learning experiences, QuickBooks Connect has you covered. QuickBooks experts will guide you through product demos, while tech training is available to help you learn more about powerful solutions you can implement into your practice or firm and bring back to your clients.

How have these demos and training sessions helped attendees? Davis weighs in on her experience.

“QuickBooks Connect brings in technology-focused vendors so that you have an opportunity to check out what’s new and possibly reevaluate your tech stack,” she said. “With this year’s event catered to accountants and bookkeepers only, I know the content will be focused on what we care about most, how we can be better firm owners and employees, and how we can make this year the best one yet. You truly have to be there to understand why QuickBooks Connect is like Disney World in the accounting community.”

Register Today

QuickBooks Connect 2022 is packed with a little bit of everything to transform your practice or firm and your experience at the event. If you’re ready to lock in your plans to attend, you can tap into this year’s event at And know that more exciting announcements will be forthcoming.

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