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Workers Want to Know Company Financial Health

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Should companies open their books to employees? New research from global staffing firm Robert Half Management Resources shows a majority of workers (82Rhalf

CFOs were asked, “Does your company provide employees with regular updates on its quarterly and annual financial performance?” Their responses:

“Staff feel more invested and engaged when leadership provides updates on company performance,” said Jason Flanders, executive director of Robert Half Management Resources. “Professionals are also often happier and more productive if they understand how their work contributes to the firm’s bottom line.”

Flanders added, “In today’s competitive hiring environment, business transparency may provide a recruiting advantage. Job seekers want to identify with an organization’s goals and strategies and are drawn to employers that provide open, ongoing communication.”

Additional findings:

  • More publicly traded (68%) than privately held (55%) companies provide all employees with financial updates.
  • Large companies with 1,000 or more employees (65%) are the most financially transparent.

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