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Bob Ladue – 2019 20 Under 40 Honoree

Bob Ladue Expensify

Bob Ladue

Business Development & Strategic Partnerships
San Francisco, CA

Career Highlights:

My career at Expensify has allowed me to be part of some really great projects that have had a positive impact on the accounting community from creating Xero’s first global Strategic Partnership to planning and executing our second ExpensiCon held in Bora Bora May 2018. I’ve also led our partnerships with and the AICPA and Sage Intacct since we created those relationships in December 2016 and October 2015. The latest project I’ve spearheaded is Expensify’s Approved! Banks initiative which focuses on executing data sharing agreements with the largest banks in the US to provide more reliable card feeds to our partners & customers. All of these projects have been different, challenging, and provided immense value back to the accounting community.

Favorite books/websites/speakers that you find influential

The PayPal Wars. Really interesting book about the fast pace creation, merger, path to IPO, and eventual acquisition by Ebay. The cast of characters are all well known individuals like Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, and Reid Hoffman being the most noteworthy people and it’s particularly useful to hear first hand accounts about them before they were super successful titans to learn about their successes and failures.

What websites/magazines do you use to keep up on news of the accounting profession?

LinkedIn – even when the topics aren’t necessarily focused on accounting they’re related to challenges that the industry is facing such as employee attraction & retention, blockchain & AI, and the growing need to “skill up” to win in today’s digital economy.


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