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5 Marketing Tips to Attract Construction Clients

If you have a large repository of returning customers and referrals, you may not feel like you need to focus on lead generation. But, even regular clients can stop coming back. So, rather than resting on your laurels and letting the competition gain ...

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If you have a large repository of returning customers and referrals, you may not feel like you need to focus on lead generation. But, even regular clients can stop coming back. So, rather than resting on your laurels and letting the competition gain market share, consider these marketing tips to keep generating leads and growing your firm.

If you’re starting from scratch, or are looking for new ideas, below are a five marketing strategies you can implement quickly to help reach your industry goals.

Local SEO

Maximizing your free, local search engine listings in Bing and Google helps your firm to rank on the first page of search results each and every time. Avoid doing the basics here. Add as much information about your business that would appeal to the construction industry as possible. Including terms like Construction Accounting, Construction CPA and Tax Firm, and QuickBooks Pros, in your business description will help. Also, add high-profile services the firm offers, such as lease and equipment accounting, financial statement audits, payroll services, cash flow guidance, and more. Including industry-related images in the profile also immediately identifies the industries you serve.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are web pages created for a specific purpose – to capture leads. Even if you don’t have any content specifically for the construction industry, you should have a construction-industry landing page. You could provide a downloadable brochure that outlines the services you offer to construction clients. In addition, leverage industry-specific images and language, while keeping the call to action relevant, such as “Stop digging for help. Give us a call today!” Free tools, like Canva and Pablo by Buffer, are easy to use for graphics and brochure design.

Pain Point Webinars

Consider the pain points construction owners and chief operating officers have and create a short webinar series to help them overcome their challenges. Consider a series of hot topics, like lease accounting, common accounting errors construction companies make, employee misclassification, equipment financing, and more. Also, deliberately name the webinar series something that will resonate with the audience, such as Tighten the Screws on Employee Misclassification, Concrete Equipment Financing Tips You Can Take to the Bank, Avoid Backfilling Your Balance Sheet and Other Common Construction Accounting Errors, and more.

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Webinar Tips

When done well, webinars can be a great resource for your audience and a lead-generation tool for prospects. Also, if recorded, it can be shared as a podcast post event. Here are 10, effective webinar tips to help you launch a series.

1.      Settle on one, specific topic, especially if it’s a 30-minute webinar.

2.       Choose engaging speakers.

3.       Identify the format, e.g., multiple speakers in an interview style, a single speaker, or a panel discussion.

4.       Consider the topic’s SEO potential. Crafting an engaging and SEO-friendly title will help people to find your topic.

5.       Interject slides with images and/or graphics; not just text.

6.       Write a script – even for the topics you’re most familiar with.

7.       Use a headset microphone or land line phone rather than the speakers on your computer or mobile device.

8.       Do a dry run.

9.       Prep the “studio” space, especially if you work from home or have a noisy office area.

10.   Promote the event, in ads, social media, email, and other marketing channels, at least seven to ten days in advance.

Display Advertising

Using Google (or Bing) Ads, you can design and launch display (image) ads that are placed on specific websites construction people read, like,,,,, and more. Display ads do not cost more than a search engine text ad. The benefit is that you can target your ad to websites contractors are already reading and trust; plus, they are graphical.

Cost Per Click Campaigns

Another marketing methods that’s great for lead generation is search text ads. Whenever a construction pro is searching for the type of services you offer or solutions to a pain point he/she has, your ad can show up. There are two methods to consider—running ads each month or running ads only during a specific time, e.g., pre- and post-busy season.

The trick is finding the right keywords and search terms your audience uses so your ads appear at the right time. That can be remedied with keyword research. Ad structure, landing page quality, and call to action will be key. Here’s a sample ad that would link to your website landing page.

Tighten the Screws On | Employee Misclassification | Firm Name

Classifying subcontractors correctly can be a challenge when there are a 100 guys on site. Here’s a checklist to help you classify contractors correctly. Get the tips! Call us for help. (123) 456-7890

Now that you have the tips, which will you use to start attracting construction leads?



Becky Livingston is the President and CEO of Penheel Marketing, a boutique marketing firm specializing in social media and digital marketing for CPAs.


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