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Sage Intacct Interactive Custom Report Writer – 2019 Innovation Award Nominee

Sage Intacct

The Sage Intacct Interactive Custom Report Writer (ICRW) is a modern, visual reporting tool built to increase flexibility and agility required to improve business insights and day-to-day accounting operations. The new module enables users to build custom reports quickly and easily with hierarchical field selection, drag-and-drop functionality, and automatic formatting and simple subtotaling.

ICRW also addresses more complex needs, implementing rolling sums and aggregations and functionality that easily reorganizes and summarize data with pivot tables. Sage Intacct also recognized that it is important to be able to tie reports together and to drill down from the main report to the tied report.

While this initiative is still early in its deployment, we have seen significant adoption amongst customers – there is great customer demand for the tools and technologies that brings the power and flexibility in the building of these data representations and the self-serve management and push concept of the report development and management.

This puts the power of the data into the hands of the CPA firms and allows them to be strategic advisors to their clients. Currently we are measuring the value of the initiative primarily by tracking adoption of the tools, the numbers of people using and leveraging them to create new data models, and number of inbound queries.

ICRW received overwhelming demands at its first launch, which blew over our target by more than 100% with continued strong demand, as it’s delivering a solution to fill CPA firms most pressing needs.



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