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How to Market Your Firm to Veterinary Clients

The trick to marketing to veterinarians is to develop and share quality content along with information about your proven services. Sounds simple, but it can quickly go to the dogs if mismanaged. Here is a multi-pronged approach to aid in branding, to ...

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The trick to marketing to veterinarians is to develop and share quality content along with information about your proven services. Sounds simple, but it can quickly go to the dogs if mismanaged. Here is a multi-pronged approach to aid in branding, to generate business, and to maintain relationships.

Pawsitive Marketing Tactics for Veterinary Clients

List Building: This is probably the hardest step for most firms to tackle, but it can be done with time, patience, and diligence. Using paid and organic efforts, you can increase brand awareness while adding to your email list. Here’s how.

  • Branding: Ensure your firm’s brand name is easy to use, whether that’s with an acronym or spelling. Leverage your logo and firm colors in all marketing campaigns, and consider images that coordinate with and compliment your colors. Remember to include your firm’s branded hashtag in all social media posts, especially Instagram.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Leveraging veterinarian keywords on pages and blog content developed specifically for them will help veterinarians to find your firm’s name organically. Consider creating questions and how-to’s from keywords phrases, such as “How can I increase my veterinary practice’s cash flow?” or “How to manage a veterinary practice effectively.” Then, place those terms in the headline or on an alt tag for the image. Also, place the phrase in your tag on the website or in the web-template(e.g., WordPress) keyword field.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Rather than simply posting text ads on Google or Bing, consider a more advanced process like managed placements or display ads on specific websites. You can place banner and graphical ads on popular veterinary-focused sites rather than relying solely on text-based searches.
  • Social Media Ad Campaigns: Leveraging social media ad campaigns for lead generation pages, like tip sheets, downloads, video plays, and more, help to grow your email lists by collecting email addresses prior to giving the content away.
  • Infographics: Data represented visually is a fun and effective way to connect with your audience, while branding simultaneously. Using animal imagery plus a relatable call to action also resonate with potential leads, e.g., “Stop chasing your tail and call us today!”
  • Hashtags: Use popular hashtags, such as #LoveAnimals, #PetLover, #Dogs, and #Cats for social media posts. Also, create a unique hashtag for your firm, for example #CPA4Paws or #CPA4BirdVets, etc. That will help you to easily distinguish who is sharing your posts.
  • Social Media Fun: Share fun videos, photos, and quotes on the pet holidays throughout the year. LifeLearn Animal Health offers a list to help you plan.

High Impact Content

Offering information clients can use is a great way to engage others. They often take more time to create and can have a longer lead time than most content. But, what you gain is a more qualified lead than say someone who completes a download form. Content developed for these leads include pieces like product demos (think cloud-based accounting tools and portals), webinars, case studies, data sheets, ebooks, FAQs, and whitepapers.

In some cases, this content works well in video or podcast form. Short, how to and FAQ videos with a memorable, call-to-action are a terrific way to generate interest. Remember to use that animal-themed trigger to help people remember who you are.

Relationship Building

  • Create an app that your on-the-go client can access anytime anywhere. There are development-friendly tools, like the AppInstitute’s drag-and-drop interface, that allow you to create a simple, easy-so-use app for clients. Include features like expense uploading, portal connection, tax filing deadlines, and fun trivia and events.
  • Become a local superstar by getting involved with local fun runs and charity events; local business meetings; and office-pet highlights on social media.
  • Develop “freemium” content specifically for your clients that others have to pay for, such as exclusive events, webinars, and offers.
  • Remind clients of seasonal meetings they should have with you by offering them a check-up list just like you would get from them for your pet.
  • Sharing information about pet services, such as trusts, estate planning, and tax laws regarding deductions, are tools your clients can share with their clients, which could lead to additional income in other service areas of your firm.

In parting, think about “pet-tential” each of these efforts has to draw in new clients and engage existing clients. Add some pet personality to your content and the “pawsibilities” are endless.






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