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Cast a Wide Net When Angling for Aquaculture Clients

If your firm is focusing on the fishing industry vertical, accessing these potential clients requires a diversified, marketing tackle box. In fact, according to the 2017 Labor Force Statistics, nearly 25 percent of the employees in this industry are women, which could be a new niche for your firm that could suggest a different approach to marketing than you would use for their male counterparts.

From small fishing companies to large fisheries, it’s more about the industry pain points than the actual function of fishermen and women that will help them get hooked on your services.

Knowing that fishing is a risky business allows you to create a risk-based service package that addresses, for example, their insurance needs for themselves, family members, and owners. Additionally, offering advice on crop diversification, income risk-coping mechanisms, and/or financial and estate planning could also be part of that package. You could also offer more traditional, outsourced services, such as payroll, financial record keeping, tax planning, tax preparation, and more.

But, how do you get them to notice your firm?

Begin by defining your target audience. What size fishery are you considering? Where are your clients located? What does a typical business in the segment look like? What industry and technical terms are they using? When are their income peaks and valleys? What are their specific pain points? The more you know about them, the better you’ll be at speaking their language and securing the line.

Additionally, research jargons in the geographic region where your potential clients are located. Be sure to use that language in online marketing, social media messages, traditional marketing, and website content. For example, saltwater fishing terms are very different than freshwater fishing terms. Below is an example of an online saltwater fishing ad versus a freshwater fishing ad using terms from each industry.

Saltwater Ad
Aquaculture Business Advisors | Snappers Accounting LLC
Tax planning, return filing, consulting, bookkeeping and more for fishermen + women. Drop us a line. 1-888-Salty-CPA.

Freshwater Ad
Stop Fishing for a CPA | Walleye Accounting Services
Avoid becoming IRS bait. We can help you with taxes, payroll, financial planning + more. Call today at 1-888-Hook-CPA.

Also, pay close attention to the description and keyword tags used on your website. These tags are located in the code of your site and should include keywords phrases to help increase organic search result clicks. For example, the Snappers Accounting LLC firm’s home page SEO meta tag description would be something like “Tax, payroll, and accounting firm specializing in the aquaculture and saltwater fishing industries for more than 25 years.” The keywords meta tag for that page might include terms like, “aquaculture accountant,” “saltwater fishing CPA,” “fish farming business,” “tax accountant,” “aquaculture business solutions,” etc.

The Walleye Accounting firm’s website home page meta tag description might be something like, “Tax, payroll, and accounting services for freshwater fishermen- and women-owned businesses for more than a decade.” The keywords meta tag for their home page may include terms like “freshwater fishing accountant,” freshwater fishing CPA,” “freshwater fish business,” “freshwater business solutions,” etc.

When it comes to social media, you can drop in photos of fishing activities, such as company events like a family fishing day, or even consider adding quotes and fun stories about fishing in your feed. Depending on the social media platform you use, keep things short, fun, and linked back to your website.

For video channel posts, keep videos informative and less than 2-3 minutes in length. Informational videos, how tos, and quick tips are great for this platform.

Keep in mind, catching those clients is going to take work. You’ll have to repeatedly cast in order to get their attention. Once you’ve defined the audience and your services, think of a variety of ways to reach them, such as traditional marketing like print media and radio ads, search engine marketing, social media posts, events, webinars, podcasts, video, and more.

How do you plan to catch your next big fish?


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